Round two of the four round knockdown, drag-out match took place Tuesday at the South Decatur High School for the DCCS panel.

The opposition was fairly easy, as those in attendance were fairly passive and kept their questions to the prescribed note-card format. One local police officer was in attendance to keep an eye on the proceedings.

The information relayed by the panel was the same given to the crowd attending Monday’s North Decatur gathering.

Questions at Tuesday's session ran pretty much the same, with concerns ranging from tax increases and transportation concerns, to the effect that consolidation would have on students and why the need for a

possible completely new high school.

The session again ran approximately two hours and crowd response was again fairly optimistic yet varying in scope of concern.

One concerned local farmer/taxpayer with a former SD graduate daughter said, “It (the meeting) sounded informative but, as a farmer, I'm not really sure that we need a new school or if we are this whole project rammed down our throats”. He continued philosophically by closing with, “But that's

what they have a school board for.”

Two mothers of children getting ready to enter the school system said their concerns were mostly about the cost and transportation issues as well as future tax ramifications.

And finally, Mike Bewley, father of several SD students and graduates advised, “My children will be gone but my concern is that the current schools definitely need to be upgraded and restructured.” He also added, “I like the idea of consolidation but I'm not sure that throwing money at it will solve the problem.”

The series of meetings continues next week..

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