List text:Non-Livestock Projects


Noah Howell Aerospace Level 1 - Rocket Red

Sam Haskamp Aerospace Level 2 - Rocket Blue

Curtis Collins Aerospace Level 2 - Poster Red

Kyle Fogle Aerospace Level 3 - Rocket Blue

Maria Fogg Cake Decorating Beginner Blue

Sydney Swartzentruber Child Development Level A Blue

Claire Soendlin Child Development Level B Blue

Krista Bauer Child Development Level C Merit

Justice Evans Child Development Level D Blue

Kenneth Stier Computer Level 2 Blue

Matthew Rust Computer Level 3 Red

Stacy Fox Consumer Clothing Intermediate Blue

Ashley Biddinger Consumer Clothing Advance Blue

Noah Moore Craft Any Other Craft Blue

Jessica Raver Craft Any Other Craft Blue

Brittany Simon Craft Any Other Craft Blue

Mackenzie Kovacich Craft Any Other Craft Blue

Jessica Raver Craft Any Other Craft Blue

Joshua Nobbe Craft Fine Arts Blue

Bryce Moore Craft Fine Arts Merit

Anna Bohman Craft Fine Arts Blue

Madison Rathburn Craft Fine Arts Blue

Jodan Balser Craft Model Craft Blue

Lillie Wolter Craft Needlecraft Blue

Sarah Woodhull Craft Needlecraft Merit

Rachel Teague Dog Poster Level 1 Merit

Olivia Walterman Dog Poster Level 2 Blue

Katherine Teague Dog Poster Level 3 Blue

Braden Geis Electric I - Circuit Board Merit

List text:Kellen Bruns Electric III - Trouble Light Merit

Kyle Norton Electric IV - Re-made Lamp Blue

Adam Hartman Electric Advance Blue

Nicole Scott Electric Advance Blue

Bailey Tomson Floriculture Level B Red

Katherine Grote Floriculture Level C Blue

Bailey Tomson Food Preparation Cake Merit

Jessica Williams Food Preparation Cookies Merit

Addison Tomson Food Preparation Invented Snack Red

Annaliese Nobbe Food Preparation Muffins Blue

Wyatt Vanderbur Food Preparation No-yeast Pretzels Merit

Ellie Burkhart Food Preparation Sweet Bread/Yeast Bread Red

Madeline Schroeder Food Preserved Canned Pickle Product Blue

Courtney Nelson Food Preserved Canned Vegetable, Meat Blue

Laura Crosby Food Preservation Cooked Jelly Red

Monti Shields Food Preservation Frozen Berries Blue

Kate Acra Food Preservation Frozen Cookie Merit

Allison Boilanger Forestry Level 1 Blue

Kyle Kramer Forestry Level 2 Merit

Sarah Rupp Forestry Level 3 White

Noah Moore Garden - Educational Poster Blue

Ashley Grimes Garden Collection Collection of Five Red

Layne Sanders Garden Collection Collection of Five Blue

Kendall Cuskaden Genealogy I Red

Kenneth Stier Genealogy II Blue

Sarah Rupp Geology Level 3 Blue

Lexis Armand Home Environment Level 3 Blue

Kate Acra Personality Level A Red

Claire Soendlin Personality Level B Blue

Laura Crosby Personality Level D Merit

Alex Sefton Photography Level 2 - Black & White Prints Blue

List text:Morgan Nobbe Photography Level 3 - Black & White Prints Blue

List text:Alex Sefton Photography Level 2 - Salon Black & White Red

Jenna Geis Photography Level 1 - Color Prints Blue

Logan Soendlin Photography Level 1 - Color Prints Blue

Drew Soendlin Photography Level 2 - Color Prints Blue

Emma Geis Photography Level 3 - Color Prints Blue

Morgan Nobbe Photography Level 3 - Color Salon Blue

Stacy Fox Photography Level 2 - Creative/Experimental Merit

Morgan Nobbe Photography Level 3 - Creative/Experimental Merit

Lydia Wolterman Poultry - Poster Level 2 Blue

Lauryn Wysong Rabbit - Poster Level 2 Red

Casy Oliger Rabbit - Poster Level 3 Blue

Ashley Grimes Single Vegetable Potato Blue

Ashley Grimes Single Vegetable Squash Blue

Emma Spreckelson Sewing Wearable: Dress Up Blue

Andrea Bair Sewing Wearable: Elastic Waist Short White

Allison Boilanger Sewing Wearable: Short/Pants Red

Claire Soendlin Sewing Wearable: Two Garments Blue

Olivai Bohman Shooting Sports Poster Blue

Will Hicks Shooting Sports Poster/Notebook White

Neal Nobbe Shooting Sports Project/Poster/Model Red

Bailey Tomson Single Herb Basil Blue

Bailey Tomson Single Herb Rosemary Blue

Bailey Tomson Single Herb Sage Blue

Ashley Grimes Single Vegetable Cabbage, red type Merit

Layne Sanders Single Vegetable Corn, bicolor Merit

Ashley Grimes Single Vegetable Peppers, Hungarian Blue

Ashley Grimes Single Vegetable Peppers, Jalapeno Red

Kellen Bruns Small Engines Level 1 Red

Will Hicks Small Engines Level 2 Red

Kenny Geis Soil & Water Level B Blue

Justin Weisenbach Soil & Water Level D Blue

List text:Casy Oliger SportFishing Level 3 Red

Bailey Tomson Vet Science Level 1 Merit

Haley Wessleler Vet Science Level 2 Blue

Casey Baugh Vet Science Level 3 Blue

Trenton Nobbe Weather Level 2 Merit

Logan Soendlin Wildlife Level A Blue

Rachel Teague Wildlife Level B Merit

Justin Weisenbach Wildlife Level D Merit

Taylor Bohman Woodworking Level 1 Blue

Michaela Nobbe Woodworking Level 2 Blue

Joshua Nobbe Woodworking Level 3 Blue

Hannah Schroeder Woodworking Level 4 Red

Casy Oliger Woodworking – Poster Level 4 Blue

List text:– Daily News

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