A man trusted to put out burning homes in the county may have been doing a little smoking of his own, which landed him in jail.

Charlie Remmler, 27, an Adams Township Volunteer Firefighter and his 23-year-old wife, Casie, Remmler were arrested Thursday on a handful of drug-related charges.

Each was charged with possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana, a Class D felony; maintaining a common nuisance, D felony; and taking a minor into a common nuisance; A misdemeanor. Charlie, who has a previous conviction for drug related charges, was also booked for possession of a controlled substance, D felony.

Decatur County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Howell developed information about drugs in the Remmler home, 4023 N. Co. Road 420 W., nearly a month ago and spent the past few weeks tightening up the details. On Thursday, it all came together.

“Chris requested a search warrant from Judge John Westhafer and at 3:50 p.m. we executed it at the residence,” said Lt. Rick Underhill. “We knocked on the door at the mobile home and after no one answered we waited a while and went in and yelled ‘Search warrant, police’.”

The officers were only in the home a short time when they were confronted by Casie. She was outside the bedroom door where here husband was inside allegedly smoking marijuana.

“There was a strong odor of burnt and raw marijuana coming from the back bedroom where Charlie was,” Underhill said. “We then took both of them into custody without incident.”

After the arrests, Underhill, Howell, Sheriff Daryl Templeton, Chief Deputy Darin Lucas and ISP Trooper Joe Lloyd conducted a search of the premises. Just outside of the home, in a nearby shed, they found what they were looking for. The shed had a crude marijuana growing operation. It was equipped with 10 grow lights, potting soil, pipes, scales and Miracle Grow fertilizer. They also found several 1/4 ounce bags of marijuana, a bucket full of recently cultivated marijuana and an actively growing plant. It was estimated to be three feet tall and six feet around.

“He was pruning the plant down trying to get the buds to grow,” Howell said. “The street value was probably $1,000.”

At the time of the arrests the couple’s infant child was also at home. Police called the Department of Child Services who came and took custody of the baby while its parents were being booked into jail.

“Chris spent a month talking to people and getting everything perfect for what went down today,” Underhill said. “It was his good police work which got us here.”


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