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It began so promisingly, with a barrage of 3-pointers from Al Durham sprinkled in with some nifty pick-and-roll plays that resulted in easy Trayce Jackson-Davis baskets.

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At Meadows Elementary, and districtwide, many teachers and staff dressed in black as part of Blackout4ED, a statewide effort organized by the Indiana State Teachers Association to draw attention to what they see as the Indiana Legislature's lack of support for public education.

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GOSHEN — Goshen teachers were seeing red Wednesday. They converged on the Goshen Community Schools Administration Center for a rally denouncing what they feel is an onslaught of anti-public education legislation currently working its way through the Indiana General Assembly.

Recent local news and television reports have featured stories on Anderson’s all-white school board’s refusal to allow Blacks and Hispanics to serve as non-voting members of the committee to interview candidates for the superintendency. Not only do I think such refusal is shameful, it is also likely to guarantee the selection of a superintendent who may not be the best choice for the position.

Embrace hope as we mourn a half-million

As the one-year anniversary of the month during which the COVID-19 pandemic began in the U.S. nears, a milestone signifying the severity and seriousness of the public health crisis has already arrived.

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