Were you to make a collection of stories for family or posterity, what stories would you include and why? This is an easy enough question to ask, and yet the answer probably does not come easily for most of us. I know that collections can also change with time, and that dynamic is OK too. Due to bedtime reading with my children, I have lots of fairy tales and folklore I could add to a collection of stories.

There are many types of “winter squash,” and the name itself is a misnomer, as they are typically harvested in the fall. But they store well and will keep for the winter, making them a handy staple to people who used to have to live all winter off their fall harvest. Your winter food choices are probably larger than ye olde-timey farmer, but if you’re looking for a hardy, healthy (and easy-to-prepare) winter meal, than you should give some thought to any of the types of winter squash. Squashes? Whatever. Here are 12:

As students at The University of Massachusetts in the early 1940s, they were inseparable. Unlike many of their classmates who were focused on football and frat parties, the Howard brothers and…

Bad news and good news today about the wall that was built long ago across the road from Harris City.

Because of the infrequency in time and location of total solar eclipses, scientists historically have had difficulty studying broad, controlled data collections on eclipse-related animal behavior. But with the advent of smartphone technology, researchers are looping in citizen scientists to help record the effects of solar eclipses. 

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Sr. Alice Retzner, formerly Sr. Francile, age 77 of the Sisters of St. Francis in Oldenburg, died Thursday, February 6, 2020 at the convent. Born Alice Jean on March 20, 1942 in Sunman, Indiana, she is the daughter of Frances (nee: Riehle) and Louis Retzner. She taught for 17 years at school…