I often talk to parents who confide that their child refuses to do certain type of homework. He will throw tantrums. He will make up all sorts of excuses to not read or do math. He may do his homework but does not turn it in. Regardless of all the coaxing and threatening a parent might do, he simply refuses to do the work. The parent is perplexed because they know their child is capable of doing the work, but refuses to do so.

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Hundreds of Hauteans once sat in those leatherette seats, as passengers on Indiana Railroad's Car No. 205. Some rode that streetcar to and from jobs at riverfront factories. Other riders went shopping on Wabash Avenue. Many climbed aboard to take a date to a movie at one of several Terre Haute theaters, buy groceries at corner markets, attend a funeral or get drinks at a nightclub.

ISU has gained a reputation for civic engagement through the past decade, first for its high rates of volunteerism around the county and most recently for the student participation in voting. Washington Monthly, a nonprofit magazine tracking politics and government, placed ISU on its Best Colleges for Student Voting list, along with 156 other schools. ISU received the same recognition in 2018.

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QAnon conspiracy theories are so absurd they’d be laughable, if not for the danger they pose and the surprising number of people who are gullible enough to believe them.

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Peggy Jane Howell Green passed on September 14, 2020. She was born on August 7, 1922 in Rushville, Indiana to Morris Howell and Francis O’Neal Lakin. She was raised with two half brothers, Jack Lakin, Monty Howell, and a half sister, Nancy Howell Orem.