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Like many of you, I heard Gov. Eric Holcomb’s address last Monday instructing Hoosiers to stay at home for the next two weeks to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

It is worth noting, in the thick of our great national quarantine, that we have gone in a heartbeat from an ordinary civil society to a step short of martial law.

No individual human life is possessed of infinite value. At least, none of us actually behave as if it does. No matter how fully each of us wish to live, we inevitably take risks. We ride in automobiles, eat food prepared by unknown hands, trust in medicines and home appliances tested by scientists. At some point, nearly all of us take some risks to save another, care for or comfort a loved one, or volunteer for some public service that risks injury or death.

Use common sense when weighing advice concerning disease pandemic

Public health officials and health care workers everywhere are in the fight of their lives with a viral enemy sweeping the planet.

Millions are are sheltering in place and staying home, heeding recommendations by state and public health officials to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus through avoiding crowds. For those folks looking for an outdoors activity to occupy their time, gardening can be done with plenty of social distancing. Getting your hands dirty outside is good therapy in this time of isolation.

I didn’t think that Bernie Sanders would emerge as Joe Biden’s chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Yet he outlasted every realistic Democrat except Biden. So, what’s next? Biden will probably be chosen, but can he be elected?

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