BATESVILLE — The Friends of Dr. Dave Welsh have announced the intent of Dr.. David Welsh, who is a resident of Batesville, to run for Indiana State Representative in District 55.

According to a news release, appropriate papers will be filed with the State of Indiana when it is permitted in the coming weeks.

Dr. Welsh has been in practice as a General Surgeon for more than 30 years, and believes it is important to give back to the community. He has endeavored to work at this goal over the years at the local hospitals, the southeast YMCA and the local schools as well as other activities. He now will seek to serve the community as their State Representative.

The three pillars of the campaign are: Education, business and public health and safety.

Born on the east side of Indianapolis, Dr. Welsh one of five children.

He attended Holy Spirit School and then Cathedral High School before earning his BA degree in Government and Preprofessional at the University of Notre Dame. He also learned firsthand the importance of extra curricular activities while attending school.

Dr. Welsh attended the Indiana University School of Medicine where he reached his lifelong dream of becoming a physician. While at IU he found out he loved surgery and he met his wife Mary Beth Simmermeyer, who grew up in Oldenburg and attended Oldenburg Academy just like her mother Viola Simmermeyer. During medical school, Dr. Welsh spent a month with Dr. Stephen Glaser at Margaret Mary Community Hospital. This experience led him to appreciate the rural lifestyle and the welcoming people of Southeast Indiana.

While completing his General Surgery Residency at Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. Welsh and his wife were able to frequent Batesville and Oldenburg for holidays, graduations, weddings and other important events. During his training he met many nurses and hospital staff for SE Indiana and even helped perform surgery on many residents from the area.

After completing his surgery training, moving to Batesville to set up a practice and raise a family was a clear fit, especially with the birth of his daughter Katie.

July 1989, Dr. Dave Welsh started his surgical practice. His practice expanded and took him to Decatur County Memorial Hospital, Rush Memorial Hospital and Dearborn County Hospital in addition to Margaret Mary Community Hospital. Over the years, Dr. Welsh has seen and treated patients throughout the new District 55.

Shortly after moving to Batesville, the Welshes second child, Andy, joined the family. Of note, Andy and Katie joined their mother and grandmother as alumni of Oldenburg Academy. Having children, Dr. Welsh was driven to contribute more to the community in a variety of ways such as supporting local churches and schools as well as the YMCA as a member of its Board.

Following Dr. Glaser’s lead, Dr. Welsh has been a physician on the sidelines at sporting events for decades.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Welsh has been involved in organized medicine and advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels. Organized medicine is an area of strong interest for Dr. Welsh because that involvement enables him to work on the health of many more than his own patients. He has been President of the Indiana State Medical Association as well as its BOT Chair. At the American College of Surgeons, he is a past Governor and is a current member of the Board of Regents. He is the Immediate past Chair of the OMSS at the AMA as well as a previous chair of the Hospital PTAC at the Joint Commission.

While on the ISMA Board, Dr. Welsh worked with stakeholders on the first HIP. More recently he was involved in the Stop the Bleed Bill which helped place life saving resources in our schools. At the AMA Dr. Welsh has been working on dealing with many issues, medication shortages and improving maternal health are just a few areas he has worked on through his position on the Council on Science and Public Health. At the American College of Surgeons he has been involved with improving quality and safety in surgery as well as improving access to surgery care in rural settings.

The news release concludes by stating that with a deep appreciation of his small town neighbors and friends, Dr. Welsh seeks now to represent their interests at the Statehouse and give them a strong voice. He feels the needs of those in District 55 are just as important as those in central Indiana.

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