When storm sewers fail, Greensburg streets can and have become flooded and dangerous. A recent $29,160 grant from the Community Development Block Grant program and the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs will be used to fund a storm drainage planning study for the city.

In order to help the city of Greensburg with its ongoing sewer and storm drainage problems, the state has doled out some cash to fund a storm drainage planning study.

According to information provided by Indiana Lt. Governor Skillman and Mayor Gary Herbert, the award for Greensburg comes in the form of a $29,160 Planning Grant. The recently awarded planning grant the city will be used primarily to fund the storm drainage planning study. These federal dollars are from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Indiana’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) administers these types of grants.

“These planning studies are often the first step for communities that want to pursue new economic development opportunities,” Lt. Governor Skillman, who oversees OCRA, explained. “These studies are costly for rural communities, but the state will continue to support communities that have a vision for improving the quality of life for Hoosiers.”

Much of the current work on the Lincoln Street Reconstruction Project has been focusing on storm sewer and drainage, especially in areas that have experienced frequent flooding problems, like near Decatur County Memorial Hospital. In the last few years, projects to correct the storm drainage issue have been taking place around the city. The planning study will assess the city’s current storm water system, which has many components that are outdated as well as areas with no existing storm water infrastructure.

“Drainage is the most critical part of Greensburg’s infrastructure, and this grant will help us assess the greatest areas of need,” Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper said.

As residents know, city frequently experiences poor drainage and standing water immediately following significant rainfall. The completed plan will provide Greensburg with a comprehensive list of recommendations for improvements and will also include cost analyses, preliminary design data and other resources.

The CDBG grant program has proven to be an effective tool for community-based planning and research initiatives. Visit for additional information on this grant program.

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