A Schwan’s delivery driver had some trouble finishing his route Thursday afternoon when the load of popular food he was carrying caused him to take a dive.

According to Decatur County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Henderson, Jeremy Alexander, 28, of Austin, was making his rounds on State Road 3 in Westport. Just before 4 p.m., Alexander was on the outskirts of the town heading northbound when a truck in front of him stopped to make a right-hand turn. Alexander decided to go around the truck; that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

“He went to pass a vehicle and lost control. He said the weight in his truck shifted, which caused him to topple,” Henderson said.

The Schwan’s truck tipped over onto its passenger side, skidded across the road and came to a stop in the ditch in front of the MainSource branch.

Henderson said Alexander suffered no injuries in the crash. The driver, he added, did not do anything legally wrong and was not cited.

The afternoon mishap brought a crowd of onlookers as the towing crew worked for nearly 30 minutes to right the vehicle. After being flipped onto its side, the truck spilled the weight of its cargo onto the road. It was estimated several hundred dollars worth of product was likely lost.

With the truck right side up and back on the highway, Alexander was able to start the vehicle and carefully pull it off the road.

The truck suffered only mild damage.

State Road 3 was backed up for nearly an hour as the DCSD and officers from the Westport Town Marshal’s office worked to clear the scene and direct traffic.

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