Farmer Brown has nothing on them.

Dressed in brown police uniforms three members of the Sheriff’s Department made their way into a field in the northwest corner of the county and harvested three huge marijuana plants.

“The plants were six feet tall, dark green and very pungent,” Sheriff Daryl Templeton said. “They would have been harvested in less than a week.”

Whomever planted the marijuana waited a bit too long before reaping what they sowed.

“With the corn knocked down all around it the plants stuck out like a tree growing in the middle of the field,” he said. “They were easy to spot.”

Templeton literally left behind his calling card, stuck in a stalk of a chopped-down plant.

“Somebody’s not going to be happy to see them gone. I left a calling card in case they want to file a report for their crop being stolen,” he laughed. “Although, I’m not holding my breath and waiting by the phone.”

The plants were found near Downeyville on County Road 420 West after Templeton got a heads-up about their presence. He decided to get the Indiana State Police and marijuana eradication coordinator Sgt. Rob Ewing involved.

“I got a tip from a citizen and I called Rob to see if his team could help us pinpoint the exact location,” Templeton said. “Rob was already flying over Decatur County in the helicopter and told me he’d do a quick surveillance of the suspected growth.”

Armed with a general location, Ewing and Chopper 4 of the State Police spotted the plants. He radioed Templeton who brought along Chief Deputy Darin Lucas and Deputy Chris Howell to help with the operation.

The State Police is in the midst of their annual marijuana eradication program which runs from May to October when the plants can no longer survive due to frost.

No arrests were made in connection with Thursday’s find but the Sheriff’s Depart-ment has an open investigation on the matter. The plants had an estimated street value of up to $1,000 each.