GREENSBURG – Donna and I recently traveled to a small town in Southern Indiana, to a place we had never been. Donna had a few days of vacation time and she wanted to get out of town. I told her to pick a place and let’s go.

So, off we went, to spend the night in a bed and breakfast, something we had never done. As we drove down the county road to our place of lodging, I observed this was going to be in the country and that meant away from the trappings of city life.

As we made our way through the countryside, we saw how wonderful the crops were looking and the beautiful scenery all around. It was already a relaxing trip.

After going through the “shelter at home” and limiting our time away from home, this was propelling us into an environment that would help us relax.

We arrived at a well-manicured farm, compete with a barn and some animals, one of which was a miniature donkey who, when he started to bray, worked up to it in funny fashion then let it go. We parked in the horseshoe style driveway and walked up to the farmhouse that was so welcoming.

Loved the front porch. Chairs, porch swing and a wonderful breeze with a great view of farmland to the south. Once in the door, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to ever leave this place. Not only were we greeted by the lady of the house, but also Chloe, their Jack Russell dog.

We were shown to our room and where we could find cold drinks along with a promise of two fresh baked cookies that evening. They were delicious. The lady also told us that breakfast will be served at 8:30 the next morning, if that would be a good time for us.

We decided to go into Salem and see what a town of about 4,500 looked like. We made our way to the downtown area, which was built in a circle around the courthouse, which was planted in the middle of the businesses.

We went on a walking tour of the shops, found a neat item, and discovered a donut/coffee shop. The place was a full-service bakery with a complete coffee shop. The people were great, and the coffee wasn’t bad. I plead the fifth about any donut eating. I understand from one of the locals they are delicious.

The town folk were nice, friendly, and even wore masks! I heard the same complaint as I hear around Greensburg, “Folks just don’t support the local businesses as they should.” I think most towns have the same mindset, yet we see those businesses continue year after year even through the destructive damage of this coronavirus outbreak. Granted, some businesses may be gone for good.

Persistence is the key to following through on a dream. Our friends at The Destination B&B each had a collective dream. The husband and wife team are retired from public education. She worked as an administrator and he as an industrial art teacher (or whatever they call it now). Their dream has come to fruition. Turning an old farmhouse into a beautiful place for guests, finding a new use for the barn, replacing stalls with an antique shop and the hay mow as a place to gather.

Remember, it is important to relax the nervous system. We have been and continue going through some uncertain times, but even an overnight stay at a place like The Destination can help untangle the nervous system and give your emotions a respite.

Granted, our stay was for one overnighter, but it made a huge difference. Environment is a key. You might consider something like this just for a distraction from life’s norm. Remember, you were “Born To Win, Bound To Excel.”

Dr. Michael Layne can be contacted at 812-614-2160 or

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