Clinton Extension Homemakers

The Clinton Extension Homemakers met October 5 at the Extension office.

Co-hostesses Dorothy Mahan and Doris Richey prepared delicious refreshments of golden apple cake and pumpkin squares with lemonade or water.

President Barb Bohman opened the meeting by leading the pledge to the flag and the club creed.

For devotions Doris read, “It Is Good Till Tomorrow” and a very important article, “We must listen to learn to what is being said and not to hear what we want to hear.”

Thirteen members answered roll call by telling if they canned or preserved this summer or fall.

Rita Hellmich was the only guest.

Members sang “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie. “Happy Birthday” was sung for Betty Chadwell and Dorothy Mahan. “Happy Anniversary” was sung for Barb Bohman.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved as read.

Deb Greive gave the treasury balance.

Betty Chadwell thanked the club for her card.

Final plans were announced for Achievement Night October 13 at St. Mary’s Church and reservations were paid.

A thank you card from Chris Fogle for the baby shower gifts was read.

Deb Greive thanked the club for her get well card.

For Health & Safety, Bard said to check your hearing system before cold weather.

For Cultural Arts, Connie Fruchtnicht told about the start of Cracker Jack in 1871.

Nancy Derheimer had brain game No. 9.

Marilyn Davis told of attending a Morgan County “Host A Hoosier” retreat along with Janet Bedel and Paulette Duerstock where they enjoyed a vintage style show, silent auction and many crafts.

A fundraiser was held with winners of prizes Deb Greive and Bonita Hellmich.

Bard thanked the hostesses and announced that the next meeting is at 6 p.m. November 2 at Mancino’s restaurant.

Club prayer was sung to close.

Friends Too Homemakers

Friends Too Homemakers Club met September 15 at Clifty Creek Alpaca Farm with President Diane Roell Paris, who opened the meeting.

We were glad to welcome back our new member, Jackie Rayichen from Osgood.

Betty Gold led the pledge to the flag and Linda Chandler led the Homemakers Creed.

Inspirational thoughts were by Kay Hineman, who presented everyone with a surprise gift.

Several items were discussed that were on the sheet Diane passed out to everyone.

The club decided to donate to the Triple R Equine Rescue Ranch in memory of their dear friend, Ruth Kessler, and husband Paul, who passed away unexpectedly in late August on the same day. We will miss Ruth so much at our get-togethers.

Roll call was discussed about what we can do to make club meetings more interesting or inviting.

This meeting was entertained by Sophie Cat, who greeted everyone but decided to spend most of her time with Kay.

Refreshments were delicious and helped to celebrate the “Unbirthday Party,” which Jean Chandler shared and was unable to attend. White Elephant gifts were exchanged. Thanks to Diane, Betty and Jean for making the party possible.

The June 16 meeting was at the home of Betty Gold in Greensburg.

The July 21 trip was to Stream Cliff Herb Farm Restaurant and Winery near North Vernon.

The next planned outing was October 13 to Lakeview Restaurant and antique shops in Cambridge City.

Psi Iota Xi

On Wednesday, October 13, the Milroy Zeta Tau Chapter of Psi Iota Xi met at Carolyn Logsdon’s home. She and co-hostess Susan Meer served a nice meal for the members.

The meeting was opened by Vice President Lisa Switzer. Members recited the Opening Verse.

The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were accepted.

Reports were given by the Standing Committees concerning the chapter’s monthly reports. Suzy Mann, Mental Health chair, will collect items for the local nursing homes at the November meeting. Lisa Switzer is planning the December Clothe-A-Child event. Dianna Owen and Eleanor Columbe will be working on the Christmas gift of a book for each of the first-graders at Milroy Elementary.

Project Reports that concern our fundraisers for the philanthropic projects were stated. Jane Niccum had Rada catalogs for the members. The 2022 Milroy Community Calendars were passed out to members for delivery.

Zeta Tau will be hosting the 2022 National Convention. Members are working to make it a fantastic convention.

Brags and Complaints provide dollars that are used for our chapter’s project. Several gave a dollar or more and reported on happenings in their lives.

Our October social will be in November instead. It will be on Sunday, November 14. More information later.

Our next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 10, at Milroy United Methodist Church with Dianna Owen and Angie Fette as co-hostesses.

The meeting concluded after reciting the Psi Iote Closing.

Need a gift? Zeta Tau will order RADA items for you. This fundraiser helps our philanthropic organization assist Rush County!

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