GREENSBURG – E. Stanley Jones was a missionary to India many years ago. He reached out to the intellectual community as he was an intellectual himself. He was able to argue the points given about Christianity and the existence of God. It is said that he led a lot of people to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

While speaking at a large church here in the USA he made this statement: “I haven’t been discouraged in 25 years.” That is quite the statement. Many of you reading this column probably can’t say that, so here’s what Jones said about the change that took place in his life. First, let me say that each of us must find the way we respond to our situations. There is no exacting way nor does God use a cookie-cutter method for all.

Jones explained that he was going through a time of difficulty and found that he was very discouraged. In prayer, he sensed the Lord saying to him, “Are you ready to do things my way, or keep doing them your way?” Jones was trying to do and carry everything himself.

He goes on to say that when he decided to let the Lord take the load his life became better; he found encouragement in his obedience, and from that time until his death at about the age of 90 he did live with discouragement.

We can say a lot about how we are doing, or not, during this pandemic lockdown we have been experiencing. For many, it has been a great trial of their patience to stay home while, at the same time, others have not heeded the need for social distancing.

I get it, we live in a nation of freedom. We are all thankful for that, but some think that freedom means we continue to do as we wish even when we are warned about the need to help with curbing this virus. We struggle with no “in-person” worship at our churches. We struggle with doing a simple task like wearing a face mask when we go to the store.

I have seen the social media posts about the feeling many are having toward our current situation, and let me say that while we do live in a country that allows our freedom, it isn’t freedom to do what we want but it is a freedom to do what’s right.

To do what’s right isn’t always pleasant because it calls us out of our comfort zone, and we don’t like that feeling. No one likes closing their business as they fear for its continued success, and I am sure there will be many small businesses close permanently as well as some larger businesses.

We can make it through this, and we must not allow discouragement to rule our life. Give God a chance to help you through this situation. I must tell you to not expect every detail to be revealed to you by God because this is where faith comes in, and I know that is difficult for the person that has always been in charge.

Now is the time to let God be in charge of your life, just as E. Stanly Jones discovered when he decided to let God carry the problems. You can do the same, and I pray you will do so.

During these days I am on Facebook every Sunday morning at 9 to give a message and offer prayer. Go to the Facebook page FaithPoints For Living. Hope to see you there.

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