The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it will not ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide manufactured in Indiana that has been linked to brain damage and autism in children.

Chlorpyrifos is manufactured by Indianapolis-based Dow Agrisciences LLC. The company is now a part of Corteva Agriscience.

The chemical was originally created as a nerve gas during World War II, but has been used as an agricultural and general pesticide since 1965.

Studies have linked exposure to chlorpyrifos during pregnancy to alterations in brain structure and cognition in children. A study released in April found that exposure to chlorpyrifos and other environmental factors during pregnancy or soon after birth may contribute to the development of autism in children.

The Obama administration announced it would ban chlorpyrifos in 2015, but the ban never took place. Former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt signed an order denying the ban.

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