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The Greensburg Rotary Club’s new book is a must read for anyone interested in Decatur County history!

I guess if there had to be a choice as to what was most enjoyed about the 2020 book that came out just before Christmas it would be page 28. I’d love to know your favorite. There are 128 pages and so many photographs. I love this book! One day I hope to share why it’s a favorite. I can tell you though that during a Christmas that won’t be happy, I will spend much time looking through the book and thinking of better days.

You’ve probably seen the Greensburg Rotary Club members standing and hoping you’d put a bit of money in their baskets. They do that for the Daily News Cheer Fund that has been helping children have a Christmas for so many years. The club members raised money from their Christmas auction too. What they raised in the auction and any other effort is used to help our county and residents in some way. Rotary Club members have been an important part of our county for one century now. Yes, that is 100 years of service! Their “Service Above Self” has helped more people in the past 100 years than could possibly be counted.

It’s good news that the Greensburg Rotary Club #3437 District 6580 centennial book is now available. I ordered a copy weeks ago. It sure didn’t disappoint. This is history at its best. Believe me, I know that all of the clubs in our county do wonderful things for us residents, but today I’m thinking about this 100-year-old group.

The book has a hard cover with a very bright photo of our courthouse on the front. The members of the club had planned to have the book available for us for the club’s real 100-year celebration in May, but what happened is exactly what happened to most of us: the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s here now for us to enjoy while we’re staying in.

Of course, I won’t tell much about what’s in this book because it isn’t nice to spoil a surprise, but you’ll enjoy reading and looking at the many photos included in it. I liked every single page, to tell the truth. It was more than worth the cost of the book.

Included on the personal thank you page are Roger DuMond and Barb Jakad, Bill Robbins, Jerry Fox, Larry and Bev Moore, Steve Freeman, Mandy Lohrum , President Lora Williams, all of the past presidents, all of the Rotarians and all future Rotarians.

The book is divided into the Welcome, Congratulatory messages, The Life of Greensburg Rotary in Various Eras, and Greensburg Rotary Activities and Events. Chapters include “The War Years (WW II and Korea), the Depression Years, and you’ll love “Our First 10 years “ too. A great chapter tells about The Story of the Early Years of Greensburg Rotary.

One special part I loved was about Sgt. York. That page was about the time when member Jennie York, a great-granddaughter of World War hero Sgt. Alvin York, brought her father to a Rotary Club meeting to help her tell about that story and the family’s effort to memorialize his life in Tennessee. Sgt. York was in World War I what Audie Murphy was in World War II.

Sergeant York was a highly decorated soldier of World War I. He received the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest, killing at least 25 enemy soldiers and capturing 131. No telling how many U. S. Army soldiers were saved that day. This was a huge story in our history, but my cousin married a woman who was related somehow to Sgt. York. That was long ago and I no longer have the opportunity to talk with her.

Looking all through the book, it was amazing and a good experience regarding how many people I remember from just living here and how many of the current members I know. I appreciate what the club does for us and admire the members. And I surely do like this book of the first 100 years of Rotary in our community.

I wish for you a very happy Christmas.

Decatur County resident Pat Smith may be contacted via this publication at

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