“But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you against the evil one.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3

When I was a little guy, I remember going into a business and seeing a sign on the wall with these letters, “GIGO.” It made no sense to me until I asked someone what it meant. They explained it was an acronym for “Garbage In Garbage Out.”

The office was where they did keypunch for the computers of that era. The idea was, punch in the correct information and when fed into the machine the accurate information would process. Inferior information punched into the card would cause the wrong information to come from the computer.

The same goes for our life. If we continually input negative, wrong information, we get negative, bad results.

In today’s world, we get a lot of information. The problem arises when we attempt to discern what is factual and what is hype. We get it from all sides. Political, health, religion, and social media play into our daily living and begin to work on us spiritually and psychologically. Granted, some of the information is correct, but how do we decipher what we read, see and hear?

No doubt, we live in a complex world. Protesters have a complaint against the United States and a desire to overthrow our current way of life. Many of those same people have issues with the church, regardless of the denomination. There is an outright attack on the freedoms we have enjoyed for so long. One look at what has happened in Seattle and other places proves this point.

So, back to my point. We must shore up ourselves with the positive. We see, hear, and read the negative and occasionally something positive, but we must remain vigilant in protecting our senses from the onslaught of the negative. Remember GIGO: Garbage In Garbage Out.

I am producing a weekly show that will be on facebook.com/excel101 every Thursday, beginning July 2. I call it Think Positive Thursday. I make this my contribution to society as I attempt to provide some positive input.

To combat the onslaught of the current conditions, I suggest turning off the TV for a while to read something uplifting and positive. The Bible has some great uplifting stories. Norman Vincent Peale or Robert H. Schuller are two authors that also come to mind. I have found their works to be uplifting.

Have a great week, and stay healthy.

Dr. Michael Layne is pastor of FaithPoints For Living and can be reached at 812-503-2170 or, mlayne@faithpoints.org.

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