More than 60 people attended the 28th annual Hoban Reunion June 30, 2019, at the Cedric Hoban Farm of rural St. Paul.

A blessing was given by Joyce Barker, and an excellent meal was had.

After the meal, a business meeting was conducted by Reunion President Tom Barker, whose mother, Mary, was a sister to Cedric Hoban.

The annual “passing of the hat” was made to cover expenses. The hat had belonged to Don Hoban, son of Cedric. Don, who passed away in recent years, was one of the original organizers of the annual Hoban Reunion.

Several attendees were acknowledged. The oldest person present was Richard Stewart of St. Paul. Richard announced the birth of his great-grandson. The person traveling the farthest was Rick Hoban of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Rick is a nephew of Cedric Hoban.

No marriages in the family were announced.

There had been several deaths. Laura Baker, 98, passed away on April 20, 2019. Tom Hoban, 74, son of Charles Hoban, passed away in late 2018. Steve Hoban died in December 2018. Steve was a nephew to Cedric. Also, the passing of Linda Bakes was noted.

Dale Hoban, age 100, was unable to attend the reunion because he fell and broke his hip just days before the event.

It was decided to change the date of the 2020 Hoban Reunion to Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020. Everyone is asked to bring an empty gallon jug because we will be pressing apples in the orchard at the 29th annual Hoban Reunion.

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