Car blessing

What’s say we all line up along the corner of Franklin and Washington streets in Greensburg next Wednesday. That’s right there along the corner where the First Presbyterian Church is located. But listen, we don’t have to be a Presbyterian to get in line to have our car blessed. I hope everyone reading this will line up.

As you know, next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and it is a special day for many of us. The new pastors of the church, the Reverends Garrett and Marena Vittorio-Schindler, are going to do something for that special day that hasn’t been done in Decatur County before as far as I know.

When the pastors began thinking about this significant day for believers and churchgoers across the country they started thinking of a safe way to observe it. They came up with this idea: “For many of us, our cars have been a place of sanctuary, especially during the Pandemic and we felt this would be a symbolic way to convey the deep meaning of Ash Wednesday in a meaningful way,” Pastor Marena said. “You can come to the church (at the corner of Franklin and Washington) to receive a blessing on Feb.17 anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. If you aren’t able to make it then, we will have decals for you any Sunday of Lent (for those who worship with us online we can mail one to you).”

And they both are hoping that those of us who are going to line up at the corner of Franklin and Washington next Wednesday will hoping that we will bring our friends and loved ones as well. Well, I’m hoping it is a big success.

Yes, the decal shown will be placed on our cars, trucks or bicycles and it will help to remind us how vital the six weeks until Easter is for us who believe. Game Plan Graphics on the square created the decals that will be placed on each vehicle that waits in line on the church corner Feb.17, Ash Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Pastors Garrett and Marena said, “This unknown journey continues but so does hope. Cars, bikes and trucks of every model and make are welcome.”

If snow isn’t too deep or the ice too slick, I plan to be there and hope you do too.

You can check out the First Presbyterian Church (also called the Church on the Square) on the Internet. Just type First Presbyterian Church Greensburg Indiana and you’ll get some information about the mission of the church and other interesting things.

Ash Wednesday has always just been taken for granted by me. This year, Garrett and Marena’s faith has caused me to try learning more of the history of these weeks before Easter. Sure it was a surprise to me to learn that it’s been observed since some of the apostles were still living and was official in a meeting in 325 A.D. And from that meeting we have the Nicene Creed.

I’ve repeated the Nicene Creed all my life in church, but had no idea how important it was. I found on the Internet that the Nicene Creed “is the only creed that is repeated by most Christian churches because people who attend one of them believe it as a command by most. That includes Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and most Protestant churches.”

It looks like pastors Garrett and Marena Schindler of the First Presbyterian Church are going to make me aware of how much I still have to learn about what I should have already known. And that’s a good thing.

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