Pictured are published author and DCSD Deputy Wayne Shake and his wife, Sarah.

GREENSBURG — Deputy Wayne Shake of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department recently published a book: “Magnetism: The Revelation.”

Shake previously published works in both the faith and science fiction genres, but “Magnetism” is his first novel purely devoted to a blending of the two.

Wayne’s latest offering is the story of the Sevrin family, struggling to hold onto their farm during the Second Great Depression. When things are darkest, son Will Sevrin receives what he calls “a revelation from God” – the inspiration and know-how to build an engine that functions completely on magnetics.

Sevrin’s invention eventually saves his family from the ruination of crushing debt, eventually pulling the country (and the world) out of the Second Great Depression. The design of the invention ultimately makes the coal and petroleum-based fuel industry obsolete, and the novel tells the story of the world change brought on by Sevrin’s opposite polarity magnetic engine.

“My main character, Will Sevrin, is a devout Christian as are his folks who are just scraping by on their farm, but still sharing their lot with their neighbors to make sure they survive, too,” Shake explained.

Shake talked about his process as an author with a full-time job and family.

“There are times occasionally during the day that I write strictly for something to do,” he said.

He spends free time in the winter writing as well, stealing a few moments while watching TV with the family or on days off.

He has published three other novels – “A Walk of Faith,” “A World at War” and “A World to Set Free” – and said “Magnetism” is a similar but modernized version of his Sevrin plot.

Shake’s “The Christian Soldier’s Handbook” is for those who are fighting the good fight for God and Jesus Christ, Shake said.

“I go through a number of biblical characters who were very flawed, but by God they got through,” he said. “It’s about fighting the good fight from the Christian Realm.”

His book “Thoughts on Faith and the Christian Life” is a compilation of thoughts on religion he’s collected in his years as a devout Christian.

“I would hear interesting philosophies about living the Christian life, and after many years I had almost 300, so I put them into a book and published it,” he explained. “I’ve not made a lot of money by publishing, but I wouldn’t mind being a full-time author.”

Shake participates in the local prison ministry “Residents Experiencing Christ” and gives the inmates free copies of “Thoughts” during each event.

Shake’s family of origin is from Cloverdale, but moved to Decatur County when he was 2 years old. He and wife have two daughters: one in college at Cedarville University and one who has a career in the worldwide orphan ministries “Boaz.”

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