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Highlights from the “skyline” of the ag mural located just east of the Greensburg Square on Main Street.

GREENSBURG – We’ve seen the overall front and side of the painted building on the corner of E. Main and N. East streets. If you have an opportunity to get up closer to the painting on the building you will have a great time discovering the smaller scenes. Today’s subject is the skyline.

First though, allow me to share some information about the artist that I didn’t know until readers told me some astonishing things about her.

Beverly Wilson was named “Teacher of the Year” by Franklin Community Schools two years ago and was awarded the “Hoosier Women’s Artist” in 2019 when her work was put on display at the Indiana Statehouse.

We are not the first location that has enjoyed Beverly’s murals. She has painted murals all over Indiana including the school where she teaches and other locations in Decatur County like the one for Greensburg Motor Sports with the huge motorcycles and ATVs going around the building. Not long ago she was honored to be asked to paint a tribute to Chuck Storie when he passed away.

She recently told me about some of the people she gives credit to for making this current ag’ mural possible. That will come later.

On the skyline on the side of the building you’ll see the top of Smyrna Lutheran Church where the artist and her family have many memories from growing up in that area. These include Bible School, 4-H meetings, family reunions, bridal showers, weddings, picnics and softball games. She also included St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

“The churches truly were/are the hub of the community and the cemeteries at the churches hold so many memories,” she said.

You’ll see the MidTown Diner in the skyline too.

“The MidTown Diner in New Point is where dad and a group of farmers showed up for breakfast nearly every day. The owners and staff were friends,” said the artist.

You will recognize the top of St. Mary’s Church here too.

“Faith is an important part of our community. Several Sisters of St. Francis came to see the mural’s progress, blessed the mural and wrote a message by the church. The owner (Tracey), the Sisters and I took a trip up the lift,” she explained.

Here on the skyline you’ll see a Ferris Wheel and the YMCA building.

“The Ferris Wheel represents the 4-H Fair. As a child it was always so exciting to take my 4-H project to the fair. Time spent in 4-H all year round and the fair are some of my best memories,” she said.

You’ll also see the YMCA in front of the Ferris Wheel.

“The YMCA supports connecting with the community by providing activities for people of all ages,” she added.

You won’t be surprised to see the Decatur County Courthouse painted on the skyline. You might notice that the time displayed on the clock is 11 p.m., the time her dad died on Friday the 13th of April.

Beverly also painted the Honda building and the Honda train. She explained that she painted that scene because manufacturing plays a large role in our community.

“I chose Honda to represent the manufacturing sector because it’s the largest employer in our area,” she said. “The train, loaded with cars, goes through and farmers get used to the familiar sound of the locomotive blowing its horn as it nears the homesteads and fields.”

The first thing we see when approaching town is the water tower. She said she painted it because the tower seems to beckon us to town when we’re on the outskirts. With a smile, she added that it gave her a way of including the name of the city in the mural.

Beverly feels that we are blessed to have a hospital in our small community. When she started the mural COVID-19 was widespread and she said not a day goes by that she doesn’t feel a deep appreciation for the dedicated health care workers.

And the schools? Her family, and everyone in Decatur County, knows the value of our schools.

“The city and county schools were included because education is an important part of any community,” she said.

Decatur County resident Pat Smith may be contacted via this publication at

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