Frank Manus

The hot topics for Greensburg’s Mayor last week were work being done and set to be done on properties old and new.

Early last week, he took the time to survey the work finally being done at the old Senior Center building. After spending about two and a half years on the project and finding a way, with the help of city attorney Steve Taylor, to have the work paid for by the insurance company, he was glad to see the tank removal and environmental clean-up underway. However, he never anticipated what it would look like when it happened.

“I couldn’t believe the size of the hole they got over there. You could put the county’s swimming pool in there,” Manus said.

The dirt is being removed because of probable contamination from the gas tanks buried beneath the parking lot for many decades. However, as work continued contractors, after braking through thick layers of concrete and asphalt, found seven tanks not four as estimated. They still have to tear down the building, which will be a major task since the old Senior Center shares a wall with existing buildings on that stretch of Main Street.

“The project may be more than they anticipated,” he said.

He said he was happy the work was free to the city and, in the end, it will have a viable property to sell.

In regards to city property, Manus also met with Bryan Robbins, executive director of the Heart of the Tree City, and Wayne Goodman from the Indiana Historical Preservation Society. They were interested in designating the old City Hall an historic property.

“They can’t change the outside, whomever buys it, but they can change the inside. It’s a way to preserve old buildings,” Manus said.

He noted he was not against the idea but wanted to ensure whomever takes over the deed to the old City Hall has the cash to do it.

“I think whomever buys it needs to be someone who can afford it,” Manus said. “I don’t want it to rot to the ground.”

He also attended the latest meeting of the Tax Incremental Financing Board to see how the Lincoln Street project was moving along.

“It was kind of interesting,” he noted. “It’s a really big project that’s been going on for a longtime.”

The Board had a long debate about enhancements to the soon-to-be newly constructed street, and Manus felt the meeting was productive but also made him a tad anxious.

“I think the Board was wise to say ‘wait a minute’ and get more information on what is going on,” Manus said. “However, we need to get this thing going, but if we keep adding on what people think we need to do, we’ll never get things done.”

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