Frank Manus

Mayor Frank Manus said he has been a little preoccupied lately. In fact, the Honda deal has pretty much taken over nearly every meeting and every movement the Mayor makes.

“I’ve talked about Honda off and on, but I’ve been talking about it all week. Actually these past weeks,” Manus said. “I’ve been extremely busy and most of it is pertaining to Honda.”

Whether it is discussing water plans at the Water Board meeting, hearing the Indiana Department of Transportation’s (INDOT) plans for a new I-74 interchange or listening to a detailed presentation of Honda’s company at the local Economic Development Committee, Manus has been in the trenches all week.

“This is a big process but I look forward to it,” he said. “These are exciting times.

Not that the Mayor minds the work. The self-proclaimed work-aholic is enjoying ironing out the wrinkles in infrastructure and paving the way for the Japanese automakers move into the county. He noted Honda has rented space in the old Iron Horse building out on North U.S. Highway 421 and things are already moving. It’s the further progress the plans promise that makes Manus happy. Already real estate is changing hands near the Honda site, such as the recent purchase of Don Horan’s old Collection Associates Inc., building by the Greensburg Community Schools Corporation.

“I’m glad to see that Don Horan was able to sell his building. It’s good for him and it’s good for the City of Greensburg,” Manus stated. “I hate to see vacant buildings.”

With the renewed interest in the city, especially in that area, he has new hopes for a business to revitalize the vacant HTN/BCA building. Regardless of the proposed growth, he feels the Greensburg of the future will still have that good old Greensburg feel.

“I really don’t think the quality of life is going to change. Maybe now all of those people who are unemployed can get jobs,” he said. “I hope the citizens know there is a lot going on and I hope they know additional goodness will come to town. I hope everyone is able to capitalize on it both financially and as a community.”

The community, he noted, is what he really cares about and despite his busy work schedule, he plans to be out at the 4-H Fair “as much as possible.” He’ll be hanging out at a few booths and making his rounds. People can see him riding in the parade on Sunday. He just hopes he has enough candy for all the kids along the route.

“I don’t know how much candy my wife bought but it seems like enough to feed the whole town,” he said with his signature chuckle. “But it always seems like once you start throwing it, it goes pretty quick. So I hope I don’t run out halfway through the thing.”

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