GREENSBURG – North Decatur High School recently invited the following juniors and seniors to join the National Honor Society.


Haley Gorrell, Morgan Stanley, Serena Lobstraibizer, Draven Gill, and Alex Byrd.


Ellie Cox, Lauren Holloway, Stephanie Morford, Kenzie Ogden, Adam Mack, Paige Wesseler, Brooke Dodson, Jacob Mirick, Stephen Allgeier, Caitlynn Osting, Gracie Osting, Collin Bryant, Braden Geis, Kalyn Muckerheide, Adam Scudder, Caleb Bowles, Christopher Gauck, Raegan Nobbe, Jackson Cathey, Desirae Mullins-Dollinger, Allison Nobbe, Nathan O’Dell, Emily Kinker, Ern Schwering, Claire Wallace, and Owen Geis.

Assistant principal Chris Thurston said there will be a ceremony for these students when students return to school.

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