In the early 1970s, singer, Andre Crouch recorded a song that became a hit in Christian music called Through It All. The verses to this song speak to the very soul of a person, as many songs do.

The song starts with, “I’ve had many tears and sorrows

I’ve had questions for tomorrow.

There’s been times I didn’t know right from wrong.

But in every situation.

God gave me blessed consolation.

That my trials come to only make me strong “

How do these words speak to your life? Please think about this and realize every one of us has been in the same place in our life. Circumstances may be different, but we all must deal with much the same things.

Many go into the public and put on the face of everything is just fine. If we understand humanity at all, we know that many are the struggles, and many don’t work things out successfully.

The second verse to the song: “I’ve been to lots of places

I’ve seen a lot of faces.

There’s been times I felt so all alone.

But in my lonely hours.

Yes, those precious lonely hours

Jesus lets me know that I was His own”

Great words to this song that speak to all of us as to where we have been and where we can be in our life walk. For me, it has been a trust in Jesus for my future life in eternity and my current life here on earth.

Are you trusting in the Lord Jesus for your life now and for the future? We make plans for what we will do during the holidays, and that is very important. Have you made plans for your spiritual future? Trust in Him just as the chorus of this song tells us:

“Through it all

Through it all

I’ve learned to trust in Jesus.

I’ve learned to trust in God.

Through it all

Through it all

I’ve learned to depend upon His Word.”

Through everything you go through, trust in Him.

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