Outgoing Decatur County School Board members Tony Marsh, above, receives a plaque from North principal Gary Cook as does Tim Stone, below, from South principal Bob Hacker.

No kidding, members of local school boards don’t take those positions for themselves - they do it for the children.

On Wednesday, two members of the Decatur County School Board will attend their final meeting and hand off the responsibility to a pair of new comers.

Tim Stone leaves the Board after 13 years of service and Tony Marsh exits after a four-year term.

“Each of them had or have children in the county school system,” said superintendent Dr. Robert Cupp. “Their commitment toward supporting education started through involvement with their children but they each took it so much farther. They truly just want what’s best for the kids.”

Stone, who runs Stone’s Farm Service and the NAPA store, took office in April 1993 when he stepped in for a member who moved. The following year, he won his first of three consecutive elections.

“He’s been a steady force on the Board for a long time,” Cupp said. “He developed experience and a wisdom about what being a Board member meant.”

Smith and Marsh were both strong supporters of the county’s agricultural educational programs. Cupp sees that as one of Marsh’s biggest contributions.

“He wanted that program to be very strong. He supported each step we took to guarantee the Ag program would grow,” Cupp said. “He paid special attention to replacing retiring Ag teachers with ones with strong credentials.”

Cupp also said Marsh was not afraid to stand up for causes he saw as important to the Corporation.

“He was an outspoken supporter of the schools and any issue he felt was important to them,” Cupp said. “When he believed in something he wasn’t afraid to speak publicly in favor of it and was never afraid to take a stand.”

In the end, however, it was Marsh’s stance on the building project, which lost in remonstrance, which effectively ended his run on the Board. Stone stepped down on his own and did not seek re-election. Marsh will be replaced by Mark Young and Stone by Jill Koehne. Both came out against the project.

Politics and building projects aside, Cupp is sorry to see the two men leave.

“On both a personal and professional level they were good people and did good things for the Corporation,” he said. “They both made a lot of important contributions.”

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