My granddaughter, Emmilou, calls me occasionally. There is never a time that she does not say “Papa, you’re the best,” and “I love you so much,” multiple times. It never gets old, even though I know she tells many people these exact same words, at that moment, I act as if I’m the only person to whom she says that.

Emmilou reminds me of her concept of my goodness every time I talk to her. In turn, it makes me love her even more. I believe she knows that her words make me happy, and that makes her proud of herself, while making me proud to be her “Papa.” It’s a glorious, Godly “win-win” situation for both of us.

My six-year-old grandchild reminds me of from where we are descended. We are children of the King of Kings. We have royalty running through our veins. How can we ever feel defeated? God sacrificed His Son so that we could have eternal life and win our battles here on earth.

Every time you feel like there is not a way out of a situation, just listen for God’s message. If you listen, you’ll hear Him say, “You are the best,” “You got this,” and “I love you so much.” He tells us every day that He’s with us, but sometimes we don’t hear Him.

Don’t ever feel alone, because I assure you, He has not abandoned you. There is no predicament bad enough that excludes you from His love and guidance. If you’re at the end of your rope and feel like there is no place to turn, go to God. Hand Him your problems and tell Him exactly what is on your mind.

Listen closely for the message He’s going to send you, and I assure you, it will be “you’re the best.” Lift yourself up, in Jesus’ name, and tackle the world with God by your side. You’ll never feel defeated again.

Have you listened for God today?

Rick Stanfield is a syndicated columnist, professor, motivational speaker and author. His latest book is “I Can and I Will.” For more information, visit his website at

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