Decatur County's chapter of American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) will host its second annual Christmas party Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Eagles.

The event kicks off with a dinner comprised of turkey, ham and side dishes which will run from 6 to 8 p.m.

Relic, an AC/DC tribute band, takes the stage at 8 p.m. and is set to perform covers of songs made popular by Angus Young and company as well as other well known classic rock songs, according to Decatur County ABATE treasurer Ben Koughn. Koughn described the band's performance as "a big show for a little price."

Alcohol will be available for purchase at the event to those of age. The party costs $5 per person and is open to the general public as well as any ABATE members wishing to attend.

Koughn told the Daily News Wednesday afternoon that he and his organization are aiming for a family friendly event that will be a good time for all involved. Last year's program raised approximately $500, most of which was used to fund a variety of charitable programs with which Decatur County ABATE is involved.

ABATE is an organization that strives to promote the proper use of recreational vehicles while attempting to distance itself from some of the negative social stigmas associated with bikers.

The group has also served as a community voice of sorts, lobbying against what it deems to be unfair laws, ordinances and practices levied against motorcyclists, all-terrain vehicle riders and others.

Koughn told the Daily News that the group had recently fought for change against antiquated laws concerning motorcycle handlebar height. The group won its legal decision and hopes to spread more positive change in a similar fashion in the future.

Saturday's Christmas party is far from the only activity in which ABATE members engage themselves each year.

The group's members pay for an Easter egg hunt each Spring out of their own pockets. The group also participates in a state-wide motorcycle ride that raises funds for the Hoosier Burn Camp. Last year's ride generated nearly $48,000 to children who have suffered severe burns.

The organization also recently donated funds to New Directions, Greensburg's new domestic violence shelter.

ABATE, a non-profit organization, is divided into 13 regions in Indiana. Decatur County is in Region Seven, along with six other area counties.

"We do a lot of good throughout the year and nationwide," said Koughn.

Ben Koughn currently serves as Treasurer for Decatur County ABATE. He will become the group's Assistant County Representative in Jan. 2012, serving under Bill Wilbur, who will assume the duties of County Representative.

For more information about American Bikers Aimed Toward Education, visit the organization's website at

Contact: or (812) 663-3111, ext. 7056.

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