GREENSBURG – Archers from several local schools took aim at the bullseye last week at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) National Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.

Greensburg had students at the elementary, middle and high school levels competing, as did the St. Mary’s School elementary team. North Decatur elementary and middle school teams and South Decatur elementary and middle school teams also shot at nationals. North Decatur High School student Mackenzee Mauer, the number one female archer in the state, shot as an individual.

According to NASP regulations, a minimum score of 2,699 for elementary schools, 3,049 for middle schools and 3,149 for high schools will be required for advancement to tier three registration for the world tournament.

Greensburg Elementary School (GES) finished 41 out of 156 teams, with a total score of 3,053. The team scored 88 bullseyes and their score qualifies them to attend the world tournament this summer. GES finished third out of the 19 Indiana elementary schools competing.

“We had a great time on Friday competing at Nationals in Lousiville,” said Missy Porter, who coaches the GES team with Greg Kelso. “Our team was able to walk around and take in all things archery from all the vendors, watch our GJHS team compete, and then shoot our highest team score of the season!”

The Greensburg Junior High School team finished 36 out of 206 middle school teams with a score of 3,265, qualifying them for the world tournament. Several of the archers shooting broke their personal best records and finished in the top 100 archers of their age. The team shot 129 bullseyes.

“The archery season is a long one. These kids joined the team in August and have been shooting two and three days a week since. It is obvious they have a passion for the sport,” said Greensburg Archery Coach Darci Kovacich. “Their dedication and determination has truly paid off. At the beginning of the year, we set a goal to reach a team score of 3250. (Prior to the beginning of the season, the highest team score the program had was a 3221.) In April, the team shot a 3301 at Jennings County High School.”

The Greensburg Community High School team finished 102 out of 232 high school teams, ending with a score of 3,274, which qualifies them for the world tournament. The team earned 141 bullseyes or tens. Every archer on the team scored above 200 points, an impressive feat many would say.

St. Mary’s School elementary team finished 91 out of 156 elementary teams with a score of 2,929. The team earned 64 tens and qualified for the world tournament.

“It was a great experience for the archers. They keep exceeding all of my goals for them,” said Coach Angie Maloney. “Their score was the best it has been all year. The St. Mary’s archers did a fantastic job representing our school. This is only our second year competing in archery tournaments, and shooting at nationals in itself was an awesome accomplishment for us. With a qualifying score for the world tournament, we have gone above and beyond our goals for this year.”

North Decatur Elementary School shot a 2,798, ranking them at 135 out of 156 elementary teams. The team shot 41 bullseyes and their score qualifies them to advance to the world tournament.

“This season has been amazing! Being able to see all the archers grow as individuals and improve in and outside of the archery program is a blessing. I am so glad that the school corporation has taken on this activity, since it has a positive effect on so many students,” said North Decatur Coach Angie Hagerty.

The North Decatur Junior High team finished 142 out of 2016 middle school teams with a score of 3,130. The team shot 110 bullseyes and their score should qualify them for the world tournament.

“I’m really proud of the 30 out of 67 archers that received the special achievement of Academic Archer (A or AB honor roll so far all school year) this season, too. I can’t wait to see where we end up next season as we are “shooting for success!” A special thank you to all of the great parents and guardians that take their valuable time to get the kids back and forth through this long season. It could not be a great program without their support,” Hagerty said.

North Decatur freshman Mackenzee Mauer, who finished first among girls in the state competition, scored a 262 at nationals.

South Decatur Elementary School finished 119 out of 156 elementary schools with a total score of 2,855. The team earned 62 tens and their score qualifies them for the world tournament.

“I think I speak for all coaches when I say that words can’t express how extremely proud we are of our team’s performance at Nationals. Their hard work and dedication to the sport has paid off and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to compete in the world tournament for our fourth year,” said Corky Owens, SDES coach. “We have seen major improvements in scores this year and are sure to see even higher scores at Worlds. We’d like to thank our parents, coaches, and community who have helped make this possible.”

South Decatur Junior High finished 46 out of 206 middle school teams with a final score of 3,247. The team shot 142 tens and qualified for the world tournament.

“I coach the middle school archery team along with Rob Diekhoff, Aaron Morgan and Casey Ferris. We are very pleased with the middle school archery team’s performance at Nationals,” said SDJH Coach Tracy Fairchild. “They did an outstanding job of trying to hit the goal of 3250 with a 3247. They had a total of 142 tens which is excellent!”

Roughly 14,000 archers from across the country competed at the NASP Nationals.

The support and goodwill of the Decatur County community will be vital in the weeks leading up to the world tournament, which will be in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina June 24 to June 26. Teams will be struggling to raise the funds to get the teams to the competition, and anyone wishing to make donations for that purpose is invited to contact the school for more details on how to do so.

Local teams advancing to the world level will require the support of the community, both financially to help with travel expenses and emotionally as they compete at the world tournament.

Contact: Amanda Browning 812-663-3111x7004;

NASP Nationals

Decatur County Scores

Greensburg Elementary School

Sam West, 276; Matt Beam, 271; Eli Moore, 271; Hannah Sanders, 266; Jenna Ankney, 258; Vanessa Porter, 251; Rylan McCullough, 249; Austin Adams, 249; Bryce McQueen, 243; Hunter Springmeyer, 242; Emma Walsman, 241; Parker Conk, 236; Jesse Hadler, 234; Lizzie Hull, 229; Jadon Jackson, 221; Oakley Keppel, 220; Colt Black, 220; Katlyn Roszell, 220; Jordan Amburgey, 217; Caden Tressler, 214; Veronica Parks, 209; Brayton Kelso, 152; Olivia Waechter, 141; Kaden Houk, 114

Greensburg Junior High School

Kameron Porter, 286; Shayelyn Hess, 281; Emma Workman, 278; Jeremy Herd, 273; Jonathon Ralston, 272; Kellen Bruns, 272; Julia Ankney, 271; Sam Roszell, 268; Cole Fuel, 267; Nicholas Bailey, 266; Ryan Henderson, 266; Allison Ralston, 265; Elijah Hadler, 264; Trae Litmer, 264; Kaidyn Speer, 264; Haley Keppel, 263; Kendall Cuskaden, 263; Alaina Nobbe, 260; Brayden Forkert, 256; Zanna Parks, 254; Alexa Jameson, 249; Jesalyn Neuman, 224; Sophie Nobbe, 192

Greensburg Community High School

Ellie Kramer, 284; Cole Ortman, 284; Morgan Murray, 281; Alex Henderson, 279; Emma Taylor, 276; Matt Navarra, 275; Kyran Luken, 274; Madison Dilk, 269; Gavin Amburgey, 266; Travis Nobbe, 266; Brent Koughn, 262; Zach Keppel, 258; Trent Campbell, 250; Brittany Lozier, 250; Kyle Norton, 249; Renae Kramer, 246; Jade Hays, 242; Connor Cuskaden, 238; Hope McClure, 234; Cory Cuskaden, 233

St. Mary’s School

Paul Stuehrenberg, 275; Christina Fogg, 260; Eric Stuehrenberg, 259; Abe Tebbe, 249; Will Cathey, 249; Tayte Turner, 248; Alex Sizemore, 247; Natalie Kalinowski, 240; Ian Gadille, 236; Bryce Koors, 232; Parker Phillips, 223; Caleb Wright, 219; Malana Kramer, 219; Macey Smith, 215; Kayla Kramer, 213; Molly Lipps, 210; Ava Wilmer, 204; Charlie Maloney, 195; Campbell Johannigman, 193; Justin Bedel, 178; Grayson Hellmich, 171; Owen Stephens, 166; Addie Gauck, 157; Elliott Weber, 144

North Decatur Elementary School

Riley Peterson, 250; Alexandrite Simmonds, 240; Blaine Wagner, 238; Ava Geis, 235; Philomenia Niese, 234; Jake Riddle, 233; Logan Gurley, 233; Lizzie Fisse, 232; Olivia Krieger, 227; Kennedi Reich, 226; Keegan Marlow, 225; Paige Gauck, 225; Lucy Pahl, 210; Ty Pratt, 209; Logan Lee, 192; Mason Dimett, 191

North Decatur Junior High School

Emerald Simmonds, 274; Lilli Tatman, 274; Kristin Newman, 274; Layne Wesseler, 272; Rilie Sieg, 268; Kenda Sieg, 266; Savannah Bokelman, 255; Jasmine Miller, 155; Brayden Turner, 251; Kathleen Niese, 250; Sydney Anderson, 249; Kayleigh Goode, 247; Luke Koehne, 246; Nathan Ploeger, 245; Haley Robertson, 244; Emily Kinker, 244; Isaac Ogden, 243; Braden Geis, 232; Francis Niese, 232; Kylee Mauer, 219; Adam Scudder, 211; Jenna Walton, 210; Paige Wesseler, 204; Ellie Cox, 162

North Decatur High School

Mackenzee Mauer, 262

South Decatur Elementary School

Abigail Collins, 259; Colby Rathburn, 256; Mattilee Meece, 249; Kassidy Haley, 241; Caaden Gault, 239; Thomas Houpey, 238; Bob Tryon, 234; Matthew Newkam, 233; McKinley Shook, 232; Devon Parsons, 232; Madisyn Marshall, 224; Paige Paton, 218; Chase Kalli, 217; Damon Gearhart, 215; Cody Ferris, 214; Emma Gatewood, 207; Lynse Wolterman, 203; Brayden Smith, 202; Alisha Miller, 201; Amaris Browning, 192; Sophia Swango, 187; Micah Owens, 172; Wyatt Shreve, 168; Molly Eden, 143

South Decatur Junior High

Cody Diekhoff, 287; Nathan Kroger, 286; Zach Ferris, 285; Wyatt Gatewood, 283; Lana Bell, 272; Jacob Ferris, 270; Erynn Dyer, 269; Ryken Winchester, 266; Alli Nobbe, 262; Thatcher Morgan, 260; Ethan Gatewood, 257; Alayna Mayhugh, 250; Madison Rathburn, 249; Grant Vannatta, 248; Kloey Roth, 246; Savannah Dwenger, 245; Dalton Grider, 240; Megan Manlief, 239; Camille Loper, 239; Joseph Woosley, 237; Ashlyn Mayhugh, 222; Katelyn Ferris, 218; Kelby Shook, 207; Gavin Cathey, 183

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