GREENSBURG — Three people have been arrested on charges of robbery resulting in injury and kidnapping using a vehicle.

Greensburg residents Clayton Powers, 20, Troy Nordhoff, 55, and Jodie Howard, 42, were all arrested June 16.

A caller contacted Decatur County dispatch the evening of June 16 stating that she had been abducted by Powers, Nordhoff and Howard, according to court documents.

The caller told authorities Powers allegedly punched her in the face, Nordhoff allegedly tried to get her to take her clothes off, and Howard allegedly threatened to slit her throat.

According to court documents, they demanded money from the woman and left her out on a county road.

Court documents indicate Sgt. Brandon Meyer was on patrol the evening of June 16 and eventually came in contact with the three individuals. The subjects denied the female caller’s allegations, according to police.

The vehicle, which belonged to another individual, was preliminary searched with the consent of the owner, which resulted in the finding of a cane in the place within the vehicle that matched the caller’s description, according to court documents.

Police say the caller appeared to have mistaken the cane for a baseball bat.

The caller eventually met with police and told authorities she had reached out to Howard for a ride across town to which Howard agreed, court documents state. Powers and Nordhoff were also allegedly in the vehicle when it arrived.

Once in the vehicle, court documents say it was alleged Howard began “interrogating” her regarding an alleged previous debt of $10 Howard believed she owed.

Powers then allegedly approached her at her window and demanded she empty the black bag she was using as purse. According to a court document, the woman alleges Howard then told her to throw her phone on the floor.

The woman then allegedly told police at that moment she no longer felt free to leave. The driver then turned away from the expected course and turned into the countryside against the complainant’s will, according to court records.

Powers, who was allegedly driving at the time, threw the female’s phone out the window after he had asked her to hand it over to him, a court document states.

The woman told police she then began to fear for her life, especially when the vehicle came to a stop “in the middle of nowhere,” according to court records.

After the vehicle came to a stop, court records say that’s when the complainant remembers Powers allegedly striking her in the face.

Court records indicate once she was allegedly forced out of the vehicle, the suspects took a bag with approximately $40 worth of groceries from her before eventually leaving the scene.

According to police, after a search warrant was requested and granted, authorities found food items consistent with what had reportedly been stolen.

Powers, Nordhoff and Howard were all booked into the Decatur County Jail on the charges of robbery resulting in injury and kidnapping. They were still in jail as of press time Tuesday.

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