GREENSBURG – The Decatur County Community Action Coalition (CAC) and Greensburg Prevention Group (GPG) are pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for the ‘Be the Wall’ Role Model Program until Feb. 28.

Both groups strive to decrease alcohol and substance abuse in Greensburg and throughout Decatur County by promoting healthy choices. The ‘Be the Wall’ program exists to recognize students committed to healthy decision-making. By remaining clear, firm, and consistent, they serve as the wall between themselves and unhealthy choices.

The program is open to current seventh grade and junior-year students at Greensburg Community Schools and Decatur County Community Schools. Students selected to serve as role models will be announced at each school’s Honor Day, and will serve as role models for the following school year, the student’s eighth grade or senior year.

In addition to being recognized during Honor Day, those chosen will be featured on the ‘Be the Wall’ Role Model posters, which the CAC and GPG distribute throughout the community. Role models going into their senior year also receive a $200 scholarship toward their first semester of college through the CAC and GPG.

To be eligible to apply as a Role Model, students must meet several criteria.

The applicant must:

• Be a Decatur County/Greensburg student in good standing in either 7th or 11 grade.

• As a student, the applicant must be in good academic standing with their school.

• As a student, applicants must be in good standing in regards to extracurricular activities, which include, but are not limited to work, clubs, and sports.

• Applicant must be willing to sign a pledge indicating their intention to make healthy choices and to live alcohol, tobacco, and drug free.

• Applicant must be willing to serve with the group at their school dedicated to fighting substance abuse, such as SADD, Student Council, etc.

• Applicant must be willing to act as a liaison between their school and the CAC/GPG. This involves helping to coordinate various CAC/GPG-sponsored activities such as Red Ribbon Week, special convocations, etc.

• The application must be completed and turned in with a paragraph answering “Why is it important to be a good role model?” by Feb. 28.

• Applicants must obtain letters from two references, separate from the application. References may email their letters to

The application itself consists of a short questionnaire allowing students to list all their activities outside school, a paragraph about the importance of being a good role model, and letters about the applicant’s character from two references.

Applications for the ‘Be the Wall’ program are due by Feb. 28, and all recipients will be recognized during their school’s Honor Day program in May. Ideally, the CAC and GPG will select one incoming male and one incoming female senior from North Decatur High School, South Decatur High School, and Greensburg High School to serve as role models. Each of the seniors will be featured on their own individual posters. One incoming eighth grade student will be selected from Greensburg, North, South, and St. Mary’s, and the four junior high students will be featured on one group poster.

The outgoing role models are Carl Kroger and Claire Wullenweber from SDHS, Jake Hartman and Kiara Nobbe from NDHS, Jesse Hunter and Taylor Klene from GCHS, Savannah Bower from SDJH, Braden AmRhein from NDJH, Jonathon Ralston from GJHS, and Connor Witkemper from St. Mary’s.

Contact: Amanda Browning 812-663-3111x7004;