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South Decatur’s Cooper Parmer is a leader on the field and off. He is a good role model for his peers.

GREENSBURG — The Greensburg Prevention Group/Community Action Coalition sponsored “Be the Wall” 2020-21 posters introduced 10 outstanding youth from all points in the county. Each has signed a pledge and agreed to live as a role model for their peers by saying “no” to drugs and alcohol.

To be considered for the “Be the Wall” program, each student is requested to submit an essay on why they feel it’s important to say no to drugs and alcohol.

North Decatur Jr. High eighth-grader Cooper Parmer is a confident guy who seems to have a pretty good idea of what it’s all about. When he talks about his two – loves school and sports – he realizes that he is often seen by community members on a regular basis. He also knows that, because of his prominence, many look up to him and follow his lead.

So while he’s on the field or court, he tries to be the best sportsman he can.

“I also try to interact with younger kids off the athletic field, so they know I truly care about them,” Cooper said.

Cooper’s parents, Tad and Angie Parmer, are among his role models.

“They are very hard working, and I admire them for it,” Copper said.

Cooper has two older brothers and one younger brother, and doesn’t seem to mind being “the middle kid.”

Active in the F.O.R. Club in the sixth grade, he had an opportunity to help out the community in many ways. He was proud of being one of only three other boys in the club, and learned the importance of good nutrition and helping others find food.

Cooper has a large group of friends and admits that he is a leader among his peers.

“I am the one to tell them to quit cutting up. There are times when you can have fun, but there are also times when it’s time to work,” he said.

He loves working with numbers and wants to be a C.F.O. of a major company one day. He also wants to be remembered for being a leader.

“A good leader knows what they’re doing, but isn’t cocky about it,” he said.

He believes all people are the same, and they all deserve respect.

“I don’t see the point in doing drugs or drinking,” said Cooper. “It just doesn’t seem to get you anywhere you want to go.”

Cooper Parmer is The Wall.

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