St. Mary’s Elementary/Middle School Principal Nancy Buening recently received the Indianapolis Archdiocesan “Principal of the Year” award. Buening has taught for 38 years, all of them at St. Mary’s.

GREENSBURG — St. Mary’s Elementary/Middle School Principal Nancy Buening was recently named the 2022 Archdiocesan Principal of the Year.

Presenting the honor and a silver apple trophy were Superintendent of Elementary Education Sarah Watson and Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Michelle Radomsky, both of the Indianapolis Archdiocese.

Buening has made St. Mary’s her life. She attended St. Mary’s Elementary School at the old location. Earning her Bachelor’s and her Master’s at Marian College, she returned to teach for 23 years at the school before becoming the principal.

When asked how she felt about the award, her remarks were frank, and gracious.

“Honestly, it’s really not about me,” she said. “I feel the teachers are the hard workers in the trenches and I always tell them they make me look good!”

“I have a wonderful team I work with, and we are a team,” she continued. “I have to make hard decisions, but they are so good about anything I ask them to do, and they always go above and beyond. The mission mentions helping our students reach their full potential and they’re wonderful at carrying out that mission. They follow it themselves as well, trying to reach their full potential.”

Buening said that some of her teachers are going back to school to earn higher degrees, some are taking on extra projects to enrich the curriculum, but all take responsibility for educating the children. And they support each other as a team should.

Buening previously received the Rotary Teacher of the Year Award. When she won, she said her aunt sent her a card that said, “I know why you won that award. It’s because I’ve been praying for you.”

Buening added, “I pray a lot too, but God gets the glory!”

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