GREENSBURG – As recently reported in the Daily News, the 100th annual Tri Kappa July 4th parade is fast approaching.

Originally known as The Children’s Parade and championed by the Omega Chapter of the Tri Kappa Sorority since 1941, the parade this summer has very special significance, and the members of the sorority wanted to choose a very special person to serve as its Grand Marshal.

Event organizer Ashley Stier explained.

“This year’s parade will have Bentley Sageser and his little sister, Everlee Sageser. Since this is such a momentous occasion, we are honored to have our very own local child hero to accept the role of Grand Marshal,” Stier said.

“This parade is 100 years old this summer and that’s a very special occasion. It’s original intent was to celebrate our children, and in that light we invite all children in the community to participate in the parade, whether they choose to ride their bike, scooter, roller-blade, ride in a wagon or stroller, drive their power wheel, ride with adults on golf carts or tractors, walk their dog, ride their horse, ride on a team/church float, march with the band or cheer group, or whatever their little heart desires,” Stier said.

“It’s completely free, and there’s a place for everyone,” she added.

Daily News readers may remember when, in 2016, 6-year-old Bentley Sageser found his mother unresponsive and went to his next door neighbor and had her call 911.

Despite Bentley’s quick thinking, Felicia Sageser, who had a heart condition and was nine months pregnant, didn’t survive. The child she was carrying was revived and delivered by emergency C-section.

After being revived, the infant was flown by helicopter to St. Vincent’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Indianapolis. She eventually 70 days in the hospital, and is now 2; her big brother cherishes her.

These days you can find Everlee cheering on her big brother at all his sporting events.

Bentley is getting ready to enter the 4th grade at Greensburg Elementary School and enjoys playing football, basketball, and baseball – and spending time with his baby sister.

“Everlee enjoys being where ever Bentley is,” said great-grandmother Carol Swango.

“It’s amazing that a 6-year-old would know what to do in this very scary emergency situation, and we just think, even though his mother didn’t survive, Bentley is still a hero,” Stier said.

Grand Marshal is not the only honor that Bentley has received for his heroic deed. On his seventh birthday he was awarded a certificate presented to him by Mayor Dan Manus who said, “This in recognition of Bentley’s quick thinking and brave efforts to save lives on November 18th, 2016.”

The 100th anniversary of the annual Tri Kappa parade will take place July 4.

Tri Kappa invites all Decatur County children to participate.

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