Jamie Cain (R) admitted he was nervous as the results were being announced but it was his four-year-old daughter who was biting her nails.

With all of the excitement building in the courthouse, it took Dylan, his 9-year-old son, to realize Republican Jamie Cain had defeated Democrat incumbent Larry Bower in the race for City Council District 3.

“I was really nervous. I was trying to read the results, but I couldn’t see them,” Cain said.

Dylan chimed in.

“He had to count on me,” he said with a smile.

Everyone in the Cain family, and his extended Republican family, was ecstatic to discover the voters chose Cain over Bower by a margin of 340 to 228.

Cain was almost too emotional for words after winning in his first time as a candidate. However, his commitment to the voters of his district was not far from his mind.

“I’m excited. Now, I’ve got to start making plans for next year. We’re going to have a few get togethers,” Cain said.

Cain was openly happy his fellow Republicans bested their opponents and will be sitting next to him when the group takes office in January.

Both he and Bower offered kind words about the clean campaigns each other ran during the heated city elections.

“Jamie and I spoke early on and I told him I would run a good, clean campaign. He reciprocated that sentiment,” Bower said. “It wouldn’t have changed the outcome had I not done that.”

For Bower, the results were disappointing but not unexpected. He felt the stirrings of unrest from voters but was a little surprised to see that it was such a wide margin across the board.

“They were decisive. It was a Republican sweep except for June (Ryle),” Bower said.

Despite his loss, he feels District 3 will be in good hands after the newcomer gets beyond his learning curve.

“I know Jamie will do a good job. It will take him and the others a while to get up to speed, but it always does the first time around,” Bower said.

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