City Council honors mayor, councilman

The Greensburg City Council presented plaques to Mayor Dan Manus and Councilman Darren Covington Monday night, commemorating their service to the city over the last four years.

GREENSBURG — The Greensburg City Council presented outgoing Mayor Dan Manus and Councilman (at large) Darren Covington with plaques commemorating their service to the city Monday night.

Both Manus and Covington were elected to their respected positions in 2015. Come Jan. 1, Mayor-elect Joshua Marsh will become mayor and Darrell Poling will move to the city council (at large) seat.

Councilman Jamie Cain presented the award, stating, “We wanted to thank you for your service to the community. Thank you for everything. Thank you for all that you’ve done.”

When first elected, Manus said he planned to work on improving local roads and making money available to help people fix sidewalks. The mayor also said he ran his campaign on getting back to basics and taking care of the city’s residents.

“I appreciated working with the council the last four years,” Manus said. “It was a blessing. We brought some major projects to the city.”

Manus said he was surprised when, at the end of his final city council meeting as mayor, they presented him with the plaque commemorating his work.

“I thought it was nice,” Manus said. “It was a great honor to work for the city, and I think that really was my award. I appreciated all of it.”

More than four years ago, Darren Covington entered the race for the city council (at large) seat.

At the time, Covington said his priorities were to work to attract and retain higher paying jobs in the city, to develop the Veteran’s Way corridor, to improve facilities that attract families such as parks and other leisure activities, and to maintain a strong infrastructure.

Covington told the council it’s been a pleasure serving Greensburg.

“It’s been enjoyable, it’s been an honor to serve,” Covington said. “It was a good group to work with, and the city will be in good hands moving forward.”

City-Clerk Treasurer Ashlee Green, who was unable to attend Monday’s meeting, will also receive a plaque in honor of her service over the course of the last four years. Green will be replaced by Brenda L. Dwenger Jan. 1.

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