GREENSBURG — The Greensburg City Council recently discussed amendments to the local fire pit ordinance.

Ordinance 2020-4 would amend Ordinance 1976-3 regarding the burn ordinance. Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer and Councilman Jamie Cain recently provided information on the matter.

Ordinance 1976-3 states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to build a bonfire or to burn any rags, leaves, paper, boxes, boards, trash, rubber, garbage, motor vehicles, buildings, rubbish or refuse of any kind within the city limits without a permit.”

“Of course, we all know that fire pits have become more popular over the years, and obviously this ordinance has not been changed in any way since 1976,” Hamer said.

Cain said there have been some inconsistencies with how they manage fire pits within the community.

“Our current ordinance says that they (fire pits) are not allowed; however, we all know that they are all over the community,” Cain said. “The other thing it does is put the fire department in a bad spot, because if the neighbor calls and complains, by ordinance they go and they put it out. Even if they’re out there making s’mores with their kids or whatever, they have to put the fire out because that’s what the ordinance says right now.”

Cain mentioned amendments would allow city residents to have fire pits, but they would have to be at least 15 from the structure, no more than three feet in diameter, and no more than two feet in height.

“If you want to get something bigger than that the basically you have to go to the fire chief and the fire department and get a permit,” Cain said. “That was consistent with the old ordinance.”

While the city council indicated support for the amendment, Hamer said it will have to be approved by the state first.

A final draft of the ordinance is not available at this time.

Hamer said it will probably be July before it is finalized.

The Daily News will provide more information as it becomes available.

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