City elects Dwenger as clerk-treasurer

Brenda L. Dwenger

GREENSBURG — Republican Brenda L. Dwenger was elected Greensburg City Clerk-Treasurer Tuesday night.

Dwenger beat Democrat incumbent Ashlee Green by a vote tally of 1,622 to 897 (65.39 percent to 35.61 percent).

Overall, the city had a 36.3 percent voter turnout. Of the 7,003 registered voters, 2,542 casted a vote in Tuesday’s election.

The voter turnout in the 2015 municipal election was 24.41 percent.

“I was very delighted,” Dwenger said. “I’m happy for the Republican party with it being a clean sweep. I was ecstatic with the results. The community made a resounding choice with what they wanted for the future of Greensburg.”

Dwenger recently told the Daily News her No. 1 priority if elected “is to perform the duties of Greensburg City Clerk-Treasurer with knowledge and experience to do the job.”

Dwenger said she plans to cross train staff so that if unforeseen situations arise, such as illness or family issues, at crucial times such a budgeting time, her staff can step up to the plate and carry on.

Dwenger, who is currently the treasurer of Decatur County, said her experience and knowledge will help her to invest wisely.

In the past, Dwenger served as a staff account for the local CPA firm London Witte for seven years, and also opened her own bookkeeping and payroll service, Brenda L. Dwenger, Inc.

“I’m looking forward to the progress I feel is coming to Greensburg,” Dwenger said.

Dwenger also thanked the supporters she had along the way.

“I would like to thank my husband, Edward, who has been by my side for 49 years, and my grandchildren, Trenda Jo Knight and Drew Dwenger, who attended everything possible, and the rest of my family,” Dwenger said, “and I want to thank the voters of Decatur County.”

Green indicated she is proud of how far everything has come during her term.

“I’ve put in a lot of hours and a lot of hard work, and finally everything is where it needs to be and I’ll be leaving the office in good standing,” Green said.

Green also thanked those who donated to her campaign and those who cast a vote for her.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me or donated to the cause,” she said.

Dwenger will officially become city clerk-treasurer in January.

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