Clarksburg High School Class of 1967 reunion

This picture of Clarksburg High School appeared in the school’s 1967 yearbook. Contributed Photo

CLARKSBURG — The Clarksburg High School Class of 1967 invites all who attended, or graduated from, the school to the annual reunion being held at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 26, at the Clarksburg Fire Station.

“Fugit Township can proudly boast that the first school in the county was kept within her limits,” shared George Morgan, local historian. “This school was about one mile east of Clarksburg in 1820. The school was later moved into Clarksburg and eventually became the house that my grandparents, Frank and Mary Morgan, lived in from the early 1940s until their deaths. I lived there from 1982 until 1997. I often wondered if the story was true about the house originally being a school until I stripped off the several layers of wallpaper in the living room and found the holes in the plaster where the blackboard had been mounted.”

In 1876 a new two story brick building was erected where the county park is now located.

“This edifice, which cost four thousand dollars, was a source of great pride to the patrons of the school. To show their friendly disposition to education, the people themselves donated some five or six hundred dollars of the cost of the construction. The later school building was built in 1910, and was a much finer structure than the former one. It supported four years of high school, besides the grammar, intermediate, and primer grades. The school also had excellent courses in art, music, manual training and domestic science,” continued Mr. Morgan.

Later, in 1928, the school was enlarged to include a large gymnasium with a library, study hall and three classrooms above it. In 1952, the school was again enlarged to include an industrial arts shop, cafeteria, Jr. High study hall, and a typing classroom.

In the fall of 1963, Clarksburg High School consolidated with Sandusky School. From that time until the last graduating class of 1967, Clarksburg School was known as Clarksburg Consolidated School. With the consolidation, grades one through six attended school in the Sandusky school building, and grades seven through twelve attended in the Clarksburg school building.

According to Mr. Morgan, from 1968 until the great blizzard of 1978, the Clarksburg building was used for grades one through six. The building was demolished in 1980 - 1981.

The County School Consolidation Plan, which began in 1963, that blended township schools into North and South Decatur Jr.-Sr. High Schools, was completed in 1967. The Clarksburg High School Reunion committee was organized to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of each graduating class. This year’s reunion will celebrate the last class to graduate from Clarksburg.

Anyone wishing to make reservations to attend the reunion, should mail $14 per person, to Mary Vail, PO Box 77, Clarksburg, IN 47255. For more information, please contact Linda Sue Hatton Ricke, 812-663-0708, or Dale Gauck, 812-663-2090.

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