FRANKLIN COUNTY – Franklin County Clerk Neysa Raible has been made aware of mass mailings of absentee ballot applications.

According to Raible, the Democrat and Republican parties have sent them out and they are legitimate; however, if you have already requested/returned one, do not send in another. You will only receive one ballot.

“We are encouraging voting in person beginning October 6th at the courthouse or November 3rd at your voting location,” Raible said.

As a reminder, she also shared the following addendum to the Absentee Voter’s Bill of Rights from Sept. 9, 2020:

Failure to sign an absentee ballot envelope, or signing an absentee ballot envelope in a manner that does not match the most recent signature contained in your voter registration record, is grounds for rejection of your ballot. If your ballot is rejected due to failure to sign or because of a mismatched signature, you will be notified by the county election board and will be given an opportunity to cure this problem. The cure process will require you to complete and sign an affidavit stating that the voted absentee ballot you returned was indeed your ballot. The signature on the affidavit will then be compared with the most recent signature on your voter registration record. You will have until noon, prevailing location time, eight (8) days after election day to submit the affidavit to your county election official. The cure procedure can be reviewed in its entirety on

Questions about the voting process may be directed to your county clerk’s office.

Phone numbers for the clerk’s offices in the Daily News coverage area are:

• Decatur County: 812-663-8223

• Franklin County: 765-647-5111

• Ripley County: 812-689-6115

• Rush County: 765-932-2086

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