Bob Newhouse of Rush County.

AVON – Indiana-based agriculture and energy cooperative Co-Alliance Cooperative has named 19 directors to represent the cooperative business, acting as the voice of the shareholders. These directors will represent 8 districts which service customers in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan.

Board officers are as follows:

Tim Burke, Chairman, District 8, Monticello, IN; Bill Peters, Vice Chair, District 5, Sharpsville, IN; Tom Tucker, Secretary, District 2, Fountaintown, IN; and Jeremy Mills, Asst. Secretary/Asst. Treasurer, District 4, Indianapolis, IN.

Remaining Directors include:

District 1: Brian Becker, Middletown, IN and Rendell Miller, Decatur, IN; District 2: Bob Newhouse, Rushville, IN; District 3: Gene Tapalman, West Alexandria, OH and Scott Sease, Laura, OH; District 4: Greg Gore, Monrovia, IN, Kim Ames, Fillmore, IN, and Jason Summers, North Salem, IN; District 5: Gregg Alexander, Kempton, IN, and Brian Presnall, Fairmount, IN; District 6: Dave High, Decatur MI and Jerry Werner, Union Mills, IN; District 7: Allen Mohler, Lebanon, IN and Gary Hendrix, Jamestown, IN; and District 8: Chris Wiese, Reynolds, IN.

These directors were originally elected to this position by local shareholders prior to the February 1, 2021 merger of Co-Alliance, LLP and Harvest Land Co-op. This set of progressive farmers will be responsible for evaluating sustainability of the business, providing ethical governance and sound financial order of the cooperative. Their unique perspectives will offer insight from all corners of our trade territory.

The function of the Board of Directors is to evaluate the overall direction and strategy of the cooperative business, which has core divisions of Agronomy, Energy, Grain and Swine & Animal Nutrition.

Directors are elected to 4-year terms by the shareholders in their district. Bob Newhouse, Rushville, represents District 2. Bob has been farming in Rush County since 1974, offering him the opportunity to farm with his grandfather, father and now his son. They farm 1,050 acres of corn and soybeans. He also does contract electrical work in the area and manages a warehouse in Rushville. Bob and wife Lisa have raised three children on the farm.

“I’m excited to be a part of this board so I can play an active part in positioning our co-op for the future,” Newhouse remarked.

You can view photos of all directors and read their biographies by visiting the Co-Alliance website at

Co-Alliance Cooperative is headquartered in Avon, Indiana. More than 900 are employed by Co-Alliance and the business generates $1 billion in sales.

Co-Alliance Cooperative is a member-owned supply and marketing operation delivering innovative solutions for farmer-members and customers across Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois specializing in agronomy, propane, fuels, grain, seed, hog production and feed. The customer-focused company strives to fulfill its collective mission to lead with people and technology, grow profitably, give back locally, and remember it is a cooperative.

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