The Indiana Association of County Commissioners (IACC) is pleased to announce that Decatur County Commissioners Jerome Buening, Rick Nobbe and John Richards were selected for IACC's 2011 "Outstanding Team Effort for a Board of Commissioners" award.

The award is in recognition of their outstanding team effort for the Old U.S. 421 North road rehabilitation.

Working together as a team is important for all boards of commissioners. This year, the Decatur County Board of Commissioners was selected by their peers to receive the annual award for "Outstanding Team Effort" for their work on the Old U.S. 421 North road rehabilitation project.

They worked tirelessly, applied for stimulus funds and were not considered because of the bureaucratic requirements.

Therefore, the board worked locally with a TIF Board in countless meetings, networking and providing all the information required. The project was almost seven miles of rehabbed roadway.

"The county, not an outside consulting firm, provided all documents and plans necessary for the reconstruction. This saved money and ensured that the project stayed on time and on budget (although final totals show the project came in under budget)," said Mark Mohr, Decatur County Highway Supervisor.

The award was presented during the IACC's 2011 Annual Conference, the largest gathering of County Commissioners in the state. The four day conference included 15 different workshops and breakout sessions that were designed specifically for county commissioners and support staff.

County commissioners also had informal opportunities to discuss issues with their colleagues from other areas of the state.

Officials met at the Sheraton Hotel, Keystone at the Crossing in Marion County to discuss and offer solutions for issues facing local governments. Representatives from public agencies, private entities, universities and local elected officials addressed issues such as working together for a better government, 2012 IACC legislative issues, economic development, health care solutions and how Indiana will advance its transportation infrastructure, among several others.

The IACC is a nonprofit organization established to provide the best education, leadership support and advocacy services for our county commissioners, in order to strengthen their influence throughout Indiana.

The objectives of the Association are to promote cooperation of the county unit with all other units of local government and state and federal agencies. The Association also seeks to promote improvement and efficiency in the delivery of county governmental services.

The various functions of the IACC include lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of county commissioners, serving as liaison among counties, state and federal agencies; as well as providing technical assistance and training to county commissioners and support staff. 

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