The Decatur County Commissioners are applying for upgrades in Decatur County road classifications to procure more roadway improvement grants from the state.

GREENSBURG – The Decatur County Commissioners have asked the Indiana Department of Transportation to upgrade the classification of several roadways in Decatur County as part of the county’s 2020 Community Crossings Grant application.

Community Crossings is a partnership between the Indiana Department of Transportation and local communities focused on supplying funding to help with infrastructure improvements.

In 2019, during the two rounds of grant awards, communities in the state received more than $13 million through the program.

Aurora, Batesville, Greendale, Lawrenceburg, Madison, North Vernon, Osgood and Rising Sun each received more than $500,000; Dearborn, Decatur, Jennings, Jefferson, Ripley and Switzerland counties each received more than $750,000 last year.

According to the Decatur County Highway Standards Manual, all of Decatur County’s roadways are functionally classified in accordance with Federal Highway Administration rules. These classifications determine, among other things, construction design parameters and other required geometry including minimum right of way widths. Road classification also plays a role in maintenance priorities and eligibility for federal highway funding.

According to the manual, roadways in Indiana fit under four categories: Arterial (major interstates), “major collectors,” “minor collectors” and local access roads. When examining requests for funding, funding is more available for roadways that have heavier travel.

Commissioner Rick Nobbe explained: “During the construction on the bypass this summer, Honda employees used 400 North to bypass that construction. That is classified as a local access road, and if we upgrade the classification we’ll be able to get more funding for that road, because it’s got higher traffic numbers.”

These are the requested upgrades.

Major Collector request:

  1. 700 East from Ind. 46 to Ind. 421 South
  2. 400 North from North East 80 to 950 East
  3. 700 East from 550 North to 640 North
  4. 640 North from 700 East to 800 East

Minor Collector request:

  1. 500 North from Ind. 3 to 350 West (Honda)
  2. 400 North from Ind. 3 to 250 West (Honda)
  3. 250 West from 400 North to Greensburg city limits (Honda)

Change from Minor Collector to Local:

  1. 600 North from Ind. 3 to 350 West

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