GREENSBURG – Washington Township Trustee Christian Rust is hosting a forum from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 22 in the large meeting room at the Greensburg Learning Center for local nonprofits, churches, representatives from Decatur County Memorial Hospital, Purdue Extension, and the Department of Workforce Development.

The session will be led by Thaddeus Rex, a professional musician, producer, and PBS veteran.

Rex is known for his CEO strategy coaching and strategic business philosophy, sometimes known as the philosophy of the dominoes.

"Every time you make a decision, you choices begin knocking over dominoes," Rex said. "If you’re a CEO, your job is to think through the end results for you and your team."

Rex is the founder of The iTeam, a private coaching group for GenX CEOs.

Having worked with major corporations like Butterball, Australian Gold, John Deere, the Chicago Bears, Rotary International, and Morton Buildings, Rex is a former Big Brother of America, active Rotarian, entrepreneur, and speaker. He teaches business and not-for-profit leaders to explore and utilize their "competitive edge" in growing business and expanding clientele.

"The goal of the forum is to develop a network and produce a single information source of all the resources available in the county," Rust said.

Rust envisions creating a "flip book" of all the providers and their services that would be distributed to other service organizations, private and public businesses, and newcomers to the Greensburg area.

"I'd like to develop a shared vernacular and a resource for all private citizens and private and non-profit businesses alike to use as a network of providers," Rust said. "So, it's more than just about mapping resources, it's more or less a resource book for anyone seeking to become a part of the growth in Greensburg and Decatur County. For example, someone who needed housing assistance, clothing and job training skills could learn, in a single meeting with a Washington Township case worker, how to access all of those, all of the services they might need to settle themselves or their business in the community."

Creating a one stop shop for new citizens, Rust foresees the Washington Township office serving as a clearinghouse for the information gathered and plans to handle the application process himself.

"Creating this kind of a network would provide a resource for bridging the gaps in seeking help in the area," Rust said. "Washington Township has a range of services it can provide, but until now no trustee has undertaken providing them. In my experience and research, most just dole out a few dollars here and there as requests come in."

Rust said he wants to turn the local system of finding economic or situational help in Greensburg upside-down.

"People requesting assistance from Washington Township are asked about their educational and work status as well as their immediate needs, but I'd really like to support them in finding longer-term solutions to stop the cycle of generational poverty," he said. "Because it's a relatively small room we'll be in, I have to limit the people who will be attending, but they are invited to call me and I'll find a space for them."

Nonprofits interested in attending should call the Washington Township Trustee's office at 812-663-5501.

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111 ext. 7011 or email

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