GREENSBURG — County officials met briefly Tuesday to discuss policies and events transpiring as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Decatur County Commissioner Rick Nobbe provided an update regarding courthouse reactions to the health threat.

“Per the results of a meeting scheduled for department heads today, we are planning to close the courthouse to the public, allowing them access by appointment only, with each department head deciding the urgency and priority of those appointments,” Nobbe said. “Our hope is that we can still provide for court services, and most of the offices will have the ability to run their ship as they see fit. The clerk’s [office] seems to be pretty self-sufficient. There are multiple options to pay child support and taxes, and again, we’re just looking at about two weeks out, until April 6th, when we see how we need to do things going forward after that.”

Decatur County Health Department representative Sean Durbin reported that a health emergency has been declared in Decatur County.

“That doesn’t mean anything specific, but it does give broader powers so that we can bypass certain measures. It just gives us the power to make certain decisions legally,” he said. “And, we are going to burn through our budget pretty quickly. I just want you to know that.”

“In regards to that, there are things that we are currently discussing with the county attorney to see what kind of proposals we need in case some businesses are sending their at-risk employees home,” Commissioner Nobbe said. “If someone is pregnant or 68 years old, for example, we just need to figure out how to pay them. This should keep us all right per FEMA and any emergency funds. If you’re doing anything different because of this, then make sure everything is documented with the correct paperwork. FEMA won’t do anything for us unless we have filed the correct paperwork.”

It was announced Tuesday that the courthouse and City Hall are closed to the public and will remain closed until at least April 6. Officers located in both buildings may be contacted by phone. For urgent business, individuals should contact the appropriate office or email the appropriate persons.

Individual offices will accept phone calls and staff members will continue to assist the public during regular business hours.

If unsure which office is needed, contact the Decatur County Auditor’s office and someone will forward the calls as needed.

This change is compliant with federal, state and local policies and is being implemented for the well-being and safety of both the staff and the public served.

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