GREENSBURG – After months of training, the Tree City Barkers 4-H members were proud to show off their dogs’ agility, obedience and showmanship skills on Saturday, July 6.

Twenty-one dogs participated in the Decatur County Fair Dog Show. Despite the heat, the 4-H members and dogs did an excellent job.

Holly Wagner, 4-H leader, reported that it was a highly competitive show and felt the quality of the participants was the best she has seen in many years.

“We have a fantastic group of 4-H members who work hard and support each other. Our members learn to be patient, positive and to think on their feet. Their dogs learn many essential skills like sitting, walking on a leash, and coming when called,” Wagner said.

The results of the dog show are as follows:


1A Beginners - 1st Simon Barber, 2nd Emmytt Bancroft, 3rd Aiden Tuttel

1A - 1st Kionna Bright, 2nd Cecilia Barber, 3rd Madison Hart

1B - 1st Rachel Teague, 2nd Lyric Stille

2B - 1st Blaine Wagner, 2nd Kionna Bright, 3rd Jessa Wagner

Veterans - 1st Rachel Teague

Obedience Grand Champion - Kionna Bright

Obedience Reserve Grand Champion - Cecilia Barber


Excellence - 1st Blaine Wagner

Advanced B - 1st Jessa Wagner

Intermediate B - 1st Rachel Teague

Beginning B - 1st Megan Manlief, 2nd Kionna Bright, 3rd Brooklyn Hersley

Beginning A - 1st Emma Luttel, 2nd Wyatt Masters, 3rd Cecilia Barber

Novice - 1st Aiden Tuttel, 2nd Will Tuttel

Agility Grand Champion - Jessa Wagner

Agility Reserve Grand Champion - Blaine Wagner


Senior - 1st Rachel Teague, 2nd Kionna Bright, 3rd Emma Luttel

Intermediate - 1st Blaine Wagner, 2nd Lily Hellmich, 3rd Cecilia Barber

Junior - 1st Jessa Wagner, 2nd Wyatt Masters, 3rd Brooklyn Hersley

Beginner - 1st Emmytt Bancroft, 2nd Simon Barber, 3rd Will Cathey

Showmanship Grand Champion - Kionna Bright

Showmanship Reserve Grand Champion - Rachel Teague


Senior: 1st Rachel Teague

Intermediate: 1st Blaine Wagner, 2nd Cassidy Coomer

Junior: 1st Jessa Wagner, 2nd Emmytt Bancroft, 3rd Wyatt Masters

Poster Grand Champion - Blaine Wagner

Poster Reserve Grand Champion - Jessa Wagner

Costume Class Winners:

Wyatt and Coal as the UPS Truck and Delivery Man

Cecilia and Max as Cleopatra and King Tut

Kaeli and Brownie as Cupcake and Baker

Madison and Kate as Hot Dog and Hot Dog Salesman

Top Dog Award:

(The Top Dog Award is calculated by adding the scores from all classes.)

1st Overall - Blaine Wagner

2nd Overall - Rachel Teague

3rd Overall - Cassie Coomer

4th Overall- Wyatt Masters

5th Overall - Jessa Wagner

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