GREENSBURG — The Decatur County Marching Band is currently preparing for their 2019 drill show titled “Claire.”

Based on the impressionist piece “Claire De Lune” by french composer Claude Debussy, it tells the story of a single dancer, named Claire, and her trials in life.

With 65 students marching with brass, woodwinds, a variety of percussion instruments, a striking set of flags and visual tricks (called the ‘color guard’) and a whopping nine teacher staff, DCMB Director Jeff Maupin seems relatively calm.

“There’s no reason to get too excited, but we’re all chipping in. A lot of work, but we have the right people helping and getting them ready,” he said.

Maupin is, for the first time, an assistant band director. Jeremiah Boes, originally from Lafayette, moved into Greensburg just in the last month. Working the summer as the DCMB percussion instructor, he is in good company with the others. All are geared to create another season of performance marching gold.

“We have a pretty expensive budget this season,” said Maupin. “But without my band parents, who are the hardest working part of this organization aside from the kids themselves, it’s under control,” he said. “We couldn’t do it without them.”

And the new uniforms? A basic pair of black marching pants is accompanied by a kind of cut-off gold sleeved undershirt, covered by a lightweight jacket with another golden sequined sleeve. A typical marching band officer hat in black and a large black plume on top to round it all off, it has different presentation options. The piece in most fervent discussion is the peplum and can be attached by snaps in any of several configurations to give the finished look a few different options. And the kids are jazzed.

“We love them,” said clarinetist Caraline Reynolds. “It was just awful standing in formation, waiting for our turn on the field last year. The sun was really hot, and it beat down on those old woolen uniforms...we were really sweating buckets, and not because we were nervous,” she said.

“And it’s also nice that it’s our first actual uniform for ‘us,’” said Reynolds. “I guess that means we’ve really arrived.”

The DCMB is 65 members this year - up from the 59 last year.

“We’re growing,” Maupin explained. “Slow, but steady wins the race, right?”

The DCMB will be unveiling their new look in the 4th of July parade this week, and then competing in them for the first time at Monroe Central High School on July 12.

Band Day at the State Fair is on Aug. 2.

The team working to prepare the DCMB for the 2019 season is:

Jeff Maupin, Director

Jeremiah Boes and Evan Fife, Percussion instructors

Adam Ruble and SDHS Band Director Celia Colter, Brass instructors

Allison Byrd and Paige Fedorchak, Winds instructors

Liahona Lukens, Color Guard

Chris Williams, NDHS Band Director

The DCMB Parents are in fundraising to pay for the entire set of new uniforms for the 2019 year.

Donors are invited to contribute by calling Shannon Reynolds at 812-560-7980.

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111, ext. 7011 or email