GREENSBURG – Over 25 entries, spanning from brilliant lilies to white daisies and tea cup roses, made choosing a favorite very difficult for accomplished horticulturist Victor Sarringhaus recently as he judged the Open Class Cut Flowers competition at the Decatur County Fair.

Well-know floral artist Marilyn Davis won First Premium and Grand Champion with her arrangement of orange daisies and monarda in a brilliant blue and silver painted tea cup.

Sarringhaus, from Batesville, a professional florist since 1989, participated in 4-H programs as a student, competing in flower and horticulture projects throughout high school. Having judged in Open Class Flower competitions for more than 20 years, he ranked third at the National Florist 4-H Competitions.

"It's nice to see people competing in the Open Class stuff. Participation in these county fairs is declining because we're losing the generations that have always prized it as a craft," Sarringhaus said.

"I don't know whether people don't have the time anymore. ... Maybe they just aren't gardening like they used to," he continued. "I remember when every family had a garden and flowers, but most new homes have a traditional shrub-landscaping with just a minimum of flowers. These are all very nice examples. It was nice to see them."


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