Engineer talks Lincoln Street repairs

File photoLincoln Street recently underwent repairs to address an issue of “waviness.”

GREENSBURG — City Engineer Ron May recently provided an update on repairs to Lincoln Street that addressed a “waviness” issue.

The Lincoln Street project, officially completed back in April, included a newly paved road, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, hand railing, curb ramps, and streetlamps spaced appropriately along the length of Lincoln from the corner of First Street to Main Street.

The project launched in May 2018 with contractor Globe Asphalt.

The Lincoln Street project was expected to be completed in the fall of last year, but experienced delays due to weather; asphalt companies typically close down during the winter.

May told the Daily News just a couple weeks ago Globe Asphalt would be addressing the issue of uneven pavement in isolated areas of Lincoln Street by using an infrared heater to heat up the existing asphalt and add material to low areas and then smooth out areas that are high.

He said it was believe the issue was caused predominantly by curb inlets.

May said the smoothness of the road is now up to proper specifications.

“We discovered some issues with the right quality of the pavement and our contractor [Globe Asphalt] has worked on that actually two or three times,” May said. “This very day, we checked the smoothness per the specifications, and the road is generally in compliance.”

The city engineer also addressed differences in the repaired areas and the original road surface.

“There is some noticeable color and texture differential in the areas that were repaired versus the rest of the pavement, I’ve heard a few comments about that,” May said. “It’s my belief and my expectation that given a little bit of time that, particularly the textural differentiation will become much less noticeable if not totally less noticeable.”

May also mentioned the color differential between the original pavement and the areas repaired will also improve over time.

He also said he does not expect any durability issues following repairs.

“I am satisfied with the nature of the repairs, and I have good expectations that will not produce a durability issue,” May said. “I think where we are is OK. We have a couple items left on the punch list. We had to tear up a little bit of the pavement markings in one place to repair the pavement. We’ll come back and make some repairs to the pavement markings, and we’re working with a situation on the street lights at Walnut Street where we had some damage to a conduit and that needs to be repaired. When that’s all behind us, the punch list should be cleaned up.”

This is an ongoing story. The Daily News will provide more information in an upcoming edition of the Daily News.

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