GREENSBURG — As “non-essential” businesses shutter their doors and send employees home to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, many people have been deemed “essential” and must remain in service.

Police officers, sheriff’s deputies, firemen, UPS and FEDEX delivery drivers, grocery supply-chain personnel and public health personnel are among those who remain on duty until COVID-19 subsides or a vaccine is found.

Greensburg Police Department Officer Eric Lusk continues his duty enforcing the law, and is also charged with insuring public safety while others shelter in place.

The son of locals Melinda Bennett and Jerry Lusk Jr., Eric is engaged to Amanda Marcus, and, in his fourth year as a police officer, is realizing a dream he’s had his entire life.

Having studied law enforcement in college, Lusk said he is living a lifelong dream wearing the blue.

“I love what I do. Arresting people and taking them to jail is not one of my favorite things to do, but I’ve always wanted to help people,” he said. “Working along with the officers of the Greensburg Department is a great opportunity for me.”

Lusk said that contrary to what some people might thing, he and fellow officers don’t lack empathy.

“When we meet most people, you have to be really sensitive that it’s usually one of the hardest day of their lives,” he said. “Dealing with that on a daily basis is one of the things that surprised me the most, and it’s probably the saddest, but helping them makes it worth while.”

Officer Lusk also said that with the Greensburg Police Department he has been provided with many opportunities for a wide range of training.

“The opportunities to grow in this job are amazing,” he said. “Having the younger generation look up to me is probably my favorite thing about being a police officer. I really looked up to Chief of Police Keith Gay when I was growing up, so getting to set a good example for kids nowadays is very important to me. There have been some amazing police officers in this county that have set really good examples.”

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111, ext 217011 or email

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111, ext 217011 or email

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