Fair King and Queen crowned

Photo by Nils Parnell | Cole Fuel and Taylor Smith celebrate after being named king and queen of the Decatur County 4-H Fair.

GREENSBURG – The king and queen of the Decatur County 4-H Fair were crowned Wednesday night.

Cole Fuel and Taylor Smith were announced as royalty of this year’s fair. Both will follow in the footsteps of last year’s king and queen, Jacob Hornberger and, Taylor’s sister, Danielle Smith. Both Hornberger and Smith were there to pass the torch.

Fuel and Smith can now be seen handing out ribbons to contest participants and greeting guests for the duration of the fair.

All of the candidates for this year’s 4-H king and queen contest were nominated by their colleagues. Candidates were also considered based up community service, attending meetings and an interview process.

When they heard their name called, both were surprised, but seemed excited for what this holds.

“When I first heard my name, I was in shock,” Smith said. “It’s crazy to have this experience.”

Fuel indicated he’s very much looking forward to his role as 4-H king.

“I’m very excited,” Fuel said. “I look forward to going around to the contests and handing out ribbons.”

The crowd roared when the names of both contestants were read. Fuel said it left him speechless.

“I don’ t know how to put it into words,” Fuel said. “I’m more toward speechless, because I didn’t know I had that many people out there that were here for me.”

Smith said she’s excited to reign as queen a year after her sister received the honor.

“It truly means a lot that I get to follow in my sister’s footsteps since she was last year’s 4-H queen,” Smith said.

This year’s king said he’s more so looking forward to just being at all of the events and congratulating winners and participants.

“I’m looking forward to going to all of the events here at the fair,” Fuel said. “You have pigs going right now, so we’re looking forward to going and handing out all the ribbons.”

Smith offered a similar sentiment, and added that she just hopes to set a good example.

“I’m definitely looking forward to handing out all the ribbons to the little kids, and being a good role model,” Smith said.

Smith’s sister, Danielle, offered some words of advice to her sister when it comes to being queen.

“Don’t be afraid to get out there and have new experiences,” her sister said. “You’ll meet amazing people. I’m glad to see her up there. It’s something new for her. She’s never really done anything for a pageant or queen-wise or anything, so she’ll enjoy it.”

Similarly, Hornberger offered words of encouragement to the new king.

“Just don’t be shy, and go out there and be yourself,” Hornberger said.

The candidates for queen this year were Ashley Grimes, Smith, Claire Soendlin, Bailey Tomson and Katie Vanderbur. Contestants for king were PJ Fisse, Adam Fogg and Fuel.


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